WG Cornmeal Pizza Crust

Everyone loves a good pizza, and most of us agree that it’s the crust that makes or breaks a pizza.  This recipe combines whole wheat flour and cornmeal, and the resulting crust is chewy but not doughy and firm but not dry. 

Pasta Fagioli

This classic Italian soup is ideal for a cold winter day. Although the fennel adds great flavor, just leave it out if you can’t easily find it in your local grocery, and simply add herbs of your own choice, such as rosemary or basil.

Stuffed Turkey Burgers

Warm mozzarella cheese oozes out of the center of these moist and delicious turkey burgers. You can top them with the smoky chipotle aioli, or with any of your favorite condiments. Make sure to pair them with whole grain buns!

Whole Wheat Flax Buns

These whole wheat buns are best fresh and hot from the oven any time of year.  The flaxseed meal and whole wheat flour combine to produce a rich nutty flavor that mellows wonderfully with a touch of butter and a drizzle of honey.

Oat-y-licious Bread

If you’re looking for a sandwich bread to stand up to your favorite fixings, look no further. From PB&J to BLTs, loaded with lettuce and tomato or layered in a club, the oat and wheat flours work together to give you the best tasting bread for any sandwich you can imagine.

Whole Wheat Zucchini Nut Bread

If you want to make a dent in your zucchini surplus, try this bread. It’s moist, scented with cinnamon, and studded with golden raisins and walnuts. You can use brown sugar instead of white for a darker, richer loaf.

100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

Moist, easy to slice, and 100% whole wheat? No, these are NOT contradictory phrases! This whole-wheat loaf is the ideal everyday bread, perfect for sandwiches, toast, and French toast or grilled cheese sandwiches. 

Hone Wheat Rolls KAF

You’d never know these tasty dinner rolls are made mainly with whole wheat flour. Soft and moist, honey gives them just a touch of natural sweetness.

Irish Brown Bread

A slightly sweet, craggy, “everyday” loaf, with inspiration from customer Fred B. Dugan.

Pain de Mie KAF

The best bread for thin-slicing is called pain de mie, a butter- and milk-rich loaf baked in a special lidded pan (often called a Pullman pan, just to make things confusing!) The lid ensures that the baking bread won’t expand too much, keeping it very close-grained-and thus totally non-...

Holiday Pumpkin Bread

Autumn is a great season to bake with pumpkin. Pumpkin’s mild yet distinctive flavor (and rich color) makes it a favorite ingredients in cake, muffins, cookies —pie, of course! —and pumpkin yeast bread. This mahogany-gold wreath is dense and moist, mildly spicy, and utterly tasty. The recipe...

Thanksgiving Muffins

What better way to start Thanksgiving Day than with easy, oven-fresh muffins? These moist, deep-gold pumpkin muffins can be ready in under an hour, with a minimum of effort. Generously studded with cranberries and cinnamon bits, they’re a wonderful salute to Thanksgiving’s favorite flavors....


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