sandwich with beet filling and whole grain bread on a plate outdoors

This recipe makes use of both the beets and beet greens. If your beets did not come with the greens attached, feel free to substitute a bunch of kale. For a super easy shortcut, you can also try substituting a can of beets for the roasted beets. 

breakfast salad

A salad for breakfast? Why not! If you want to get the veggies in at your morning meal, and mix things up from an omelet or frittata, give this breakfast salad a try. 

vegetable pizza

Pizza parties are a great way to make mealtime more interactive and allow people to customize their dish to their preferences. Below we’ve suggested our own favorite pizza toppings, but feel free to swap in your own favorites, such as roasted eggplant, pesto sauce, ricotta, or fresh arugula.

quesadillas made from whole wheat tortillas cut into wedges on a plate

Quesadillas are one of those crowd-pleasing dishes that satisfy adults and kids alike. We remove the seeds from the poblano peppers to cut down on the spiciness. However, if you are extra sensitive to spice/heat, feel free to substitute green bell peppers instead.


All the delicious flavors of chicken salad sandwiches—but with heart-healthy chickpeas and walnuts! This vegetarian sandwich is creamy, crunchy, and perfect on toasted whole grain bread, or tucked into a whole wheat pita....

Whole Wheat Flour Has More Minerals, Antioxidants than Refined

Researchers analyzed 168 types of wheat flour purchased throughout the UK and Germany to compare their nutritional profiles. While spelt and organic wheat varieties had significantly higher levels of antioxidants and minerals than their conventional/modern counterparts, a far greater impact on nutrition was observed when comparing whole grain wheat to refined wheat. Whole grain wheat flours had 2-4.3x higher antioxidant concentrations and activity, 144% more phosphorous, 125% more potassium, and 209% more magnesium than refined wheat flours. The authors conclude that “refining (removal of the bran and germ) (a) has a substantially greater impact on the mineral nutrients and phytochemical concentrations in flour than wheat genetics/species choice (T. aestivum vs T. spelta) and production protocols (organic vs conventional), (b) diminishes the differences in antioxidant activity, and phenolic and mineral concentrations in wheat flour produced with grain from contrasting farming systems and wheat species.”
Food Chem X. 2020 May 4;6:100091. doi: 10.1016/j.fochx.2020.100091. (Wang J et al.)

bowl of pasta with tomato meat sauce on a wooden table

This recipe utilizes “the blend,” a technique where ground meat is replaced with a 50-50 mixture of ground meat and finely diced mushrooms. The mushrooms add the savory “umami” taste that meat is known for, while helping reduce saturated fat and calories, and increase the proportion of...

pasta bolognese on a plaid placemat

In this recipe, dried lentils are used to stretch a tiny bit of Italian chicken sausage into a hearty, mostly plant-based meal. These rich flavors pair especially well with whole grain pasta....

Eggs Benedict with salmon patty and avocado sauce

This delicious dish is perfect for a leisurely weekend brunch. A heart-healthy avocado crema replaces the hollandaise sauce in this twist on Eggs Benedict. To streamline your morning, the salmon cakes can formed the night before and covered in the fridge before cooking.


There are no rules with this grain bowl recipe! Use your favorite intact grain (farro, quinoa, wheat berries, brown rice) and whichever pantry staples you like (red peppers, olives, artichoke hearts, beans) This delicious salad is meant to play around with!


This bright, citrus-y couscous salad (pictured right) is full of flavor from fresh basil and vegetables. Keep in mind that the couscous will expand as it absorbs the Citrus Dressing....

Pasta w-Oven Roasted Vegetables & Avocado_CAC

Make a healthy pasta meal by tossing whole grain penne with delicious balsamic-roasted vegetables. Creamy avocado slices on top make this dish irresistable!


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