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Oldways can support your research and reporting on a number of topics around food, nutrition, and traditional diets and lifestyles. From sharing the most recent scientific studies to providing quotes, write-ups, and connections with researchers and experts, Oldways is here to help.



Quotes & Interviews

Our experts are ready to weigh in on numerous nutrition and cooking subjects. Ask us about the Mediterranean Diet, cultural food traditions, whole grains, culinary travel, and traditional cheese.

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Reprint our diverse, delicious recipes in your article or blog. (Please read our permissions & reprints guidelines).




 Heritage Diet Pyramids

Oldways’ Diet Pyramids clearly communicate the healthy principles of traditional diets. (Please read our permissions & reprints guidelines)

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Handouts & Infographics

Easy-to-read information with nutrition FAQs, healthy cooking techniques, shopping and budgeting tips, and much more. Refer to, cite, or reprint. (Please read our permissions & reprints guidelines).





Health Studies 

Browse our database for up-to-date scientific studies and nutrition research to support your reporting. Filter and search by type of traditional diet or health condition.

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How the Media Use Oldways Expertise & Resources

Oldway’s Director of Nutrition discusses heritage diets on a news-magazine program

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