Plan well. 

Are you tired of the same old same old, but finding it hard to change up your menu and habits? The Oldways Heritage Meal Plan is a paid subscription service. At the beginning of each month, subscribers are emailed a dietitian-prepared plan filled with recipes, grocery shopping lists, and tips that remove the guesswork in shopping for and preparing flavorful, nutritious, budget-friendly meals every week. 


Each month’s plan includes recipes based on heritage diets, which are delicious roadmaps to healthy eating. Rather than relying on highly processed foods that are stripped of their nutrients and flavor, ​traditional diets celebrate cultural diversity, hearty recipes, and the joys of eating wonderful, healthy meals.


The Oldways Heritage Meal Plan is also full of ideas, suggestions, recommendations, and creative prompts to provide you with a foundation of information for making healthy choices, meals you love, and updates to your routine so that you plan well, eat well, and live well.

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How does it work?

The Oldways Heritage Diet Meal Plan is a monthly subscription service. On the first day of each month, you’ll receive a PDF with your meal plan for the month. Each monthly plan is centered around a theme and includes recipes, weekly shopping lists, and additional resources that have been carefully created and curated for you. 

If you are a new subscriber, you’ll receive the current month’s plan on the day you subscribe. All other plans will be sent to you on the first day of each month.

When will I get the plan?

If you are a new subscriber, you’ll receive the current month’s plan on the day you subscribe no matter what day of the month it is. All other plans will be sent to you on the first day of each month.

What are the monthly themes?

August 2020: Spice Pantry
September 2020: Pantry Meals
October 2020: Whole Grain Sampler
November 2020: Vegetarian Dishes/Meatless Mondays

What is included in the subscription?

On the first day of each month (e.g., August 1st), you’ll receive a PDF that contains:

  • 4 weekly plans prepared by a Registered Dietitian. Each weekly plan includes three main dish recipes + one bonus dish (16 recipes/month), all based on a monthly theme (e.g., Pantry Foods).
  • 4 detailed grocery lists. Weekly lists are designed to help you organize shopping trips where you spend your time and money efficiently.
  • Nutritional analysis for recipes.
  • Notes about the recipes for each week including helpful hints, ideas for food substitutions, and more.
  • A bonus resource: A helpful handout or video with valuable information like nutrition, cooking, or shopping tips.
  • Calendars (week and month) that you can fill in to help you plan and manage your own personalized menu schedule.
  • You will also have access to a private, moderated Facebook group to share and learn from the community.

I love my Oldways 4-week menu plan books, is this like those books?

The Oldways Heritage Meal Plan is not the same as the Oldways 4-week menu plan books like Make Every Day Mediterranean and Whole Grains Around the World. For more information about what is included in the Oldways Heritage Meal Plan, see the question above: What is included in the subscription?

How much does it cost?

The Heritage Meal Plan is a subscription service with two payment options.

  • $5.99/month
  • $34.99/year


How do I sign up?

To sign up, subscribe to a monthly or annual plan


Can I buy a subscription as a gift for someone else?

You’re very thoughtful! Yes, you can buy a gift subscription. Your gift recipient will receive a gift code by email, which can be used to sign up for an annual subscription to the meal plan. 


What type of food does the plan include?

The meal plan menus are based on traditional heritage diets, which are delicious roadmaps to healthy eating. Rather than relying on highly processed foods that are stripped of their nutrients and flavor, traditional diets celebrate the abundance of earth’s offerings, highlighting seasonal and regional produce, hearty recipes, and the joys of eating wonderful, healthy meals.

Is this for single people, couples, or families?

Most of the recipes are scaled to make four servings. All recipes can be scaled up to increase the number of servings, and some recipes can be easily scaled down to yield fewer servings. If you are a single person or small family, you may find you have delicious leftovers that can be used for other meals during the week. If you have a larger family, you can increase the number of servings to accommodate your family’s needs.

When and how will I get my Meal Plan?

Immediately after you subscribe, you’ll receive a “New Subscription” email, be sure to read it and download the current month’s meal plan! All subsequent meal plans will be emailed to you on the first day of each month. Meal plans are sent by email. Make sure to whitelist emails from Oldways, and to check your “junk” or “other” folders if you don’t see the email in your inbox on the first day of the month. 

I don’t eat <insert food here>, will I still be able to do the meal plan?

It depends. The meal plan is intended to help you add variety to what you eat. If you can’t eat a particular grain, fruit, or vegetable you should be fine making substitutions here and there. If you have very specific dietary needs or preferences, this may not be the plan for you. 

Is this a diet plan to lose weight?

The Oldways Heritage Meal Plan is not a weight loss program. It is a dietitian-designed meal plan to help make it easy for you to:

  • Plan, shop, and cook delicious meals in an efficient way
  • Eat a wide variety of nutritious foods
  • Serve flavorful meals for yourself, friends, and family
  • Learn about cultural food traditions and nutrition
  • Discover tips, tricks, and cooking methods 
  • Develop healthy habits 

Is the plan vegetarian?

The meal plan is an excellent option for people looking to increase the amount and types of vegetables you eat. While the meal plan offers opportunities to try vegetarian and 100% plant-based meals⁠—the plan does have meals that use animal-based ingredients such as fish, seafood, meat, eggs, and cheese. The plan also includes suggestions for adding animal-based ingredients to the vegetarian dishes, giving you an easy way to prepare one delicious meal that appeals to vegetarians, flexitarians, pescatarians, and omnivores.

All meals draw inspiration from the vegetables at the base of the Oldways traditional heritage diet pyramids. Studies repeatedly demonstrate the health benefits of traditional diets. The gold-standard Mediterranean Diet is perhaps the most well known traditional eating pattern, but emerging research affirms that many of the most well-cherished traditional diets have something to teach us about health and nutrition. 

How many of the meal plan recipes include fish or meat?

Each week includes three main dish recipes and one bonus recipe. Of the three main dish recipes, there is typically one meat dish (e.g., chicken, lamb, etc.), one fish or seafood dish, and one vegetarian dish. The bonus dish will be different every week (e.g., a dessert, an appetizer, etc.).

I have a monthly subscription, can I change to an annual subscription?

Yes! Login to your account to make changes to your subscription.

How can I ask a question that isn’t answered here?

Let’s talk, please write to us at


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