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Since 1999, Oldways and a group of dedicated producers, importers, retailers, and cheese lovers have advocated to preserve raw milk cheeses around the world. In 2015, the Oldways Cheese Coalition created the Annual International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day (aka #RawCheeseDay) to highlight the diversity and deliciousness of cheeses made with raw milk.

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Learn More About Raw Milk Cheese

Raw milk cheeses are made with milk that has not been pasteurized, or heat-treated. Pasteurization removes many of the fungi spores, yeasts, and microorganisms that make a cheese unique. There are delicious pasteurized cheeses, but raw milk cheeses are worth celebrating for their complexity of flavor, diversity, and history. 

The quality of the ingredients, the extreme care taken by producers, and the natural cheese aging process ensure that raw milk cheeses are a safe choice. Their producers represent years, even decades, of knowledge and thoughtful cheese-making. 

Interested in learning more? Here’s a good place to start: Things to Look for in a Traditional Cheese. 


Check out these awesome prizes 2021 participants won

Member: Prize Details:  
Le Gruyére AOP A sampler of Le Gruyére AOP cheeses including two different aging times and promotional gifts.
Parmigiano Reggiano A cheese board, special knife, and a piece of Parmigiano Reggiano
Gourmet Dash  A raw-milk cheese sample, including four 8oz pieces of Comte cheese aged for 12 Months, Idiazabal, Grayson, and Point Reyes Original Blue
Comte AOP A fondue pot
Cherry Grove Farm A sampler of raw-milk cheese and farm products, including at least two pieces of cheese and a jam or honey
Mitica / Forever Cheese A cool t-shirt (you select the size) with the image of a sheep and cheese
Mitica / Forever Cheese Three unique pins featuring some of the most iconic cheeses in the Mitica selection
Plymouth Artisan Cheese A basket of East Meadow Cheddar, Hunter Cheddar, Original Plymouth Cheddar, Cooler Bag, JKAdams Wooden Board, custom 3-pack Tray, Sidehill Farm Red Raspberry Jam, and Shackleton Legend Oat Cakes.
Satio Collection A piece of Tomme de Savoie by Génépi 
Rogers Collection An Italian sampler, including 300g Valserena Sola di Bruna cheese, one package of Gentile Pasta Bucatini, one jar of Gentile Passata, a can of Flaminio Fruttato EVOO, a bottle of Cattani White Balsamic, and a cool t-shirt.