Oldways has over two decades of experience creating nutrition education materials that are known for being engaging, effective and affordable. Our experienced writers and nutrition communicators know how to translate the science of nutrition into content that anyone can understand. We’d like to see our content disseminated as widely as possible. You’d like to distribute or publish high-quality health materials using our Heritage Pyramids or Whole Grain Stamp. The solution? License and get permission to use our resources. Everyone wins!


Using one of our Heritage Pyramids (or any other Oldways content) is a great way to put your message in the context of a healthy, traditional diet. If you would like to use our materials, please visit our Permissions & Reprints page for complete information and policies. Details for reproducing recipes and recipe imagery can be found on our Recipes for the Media page here.

The following are three typical manners in which our materials are most often used:

  • For non-commercial, educational, and media use: Use for educational or editorial purposes is usually granted free of charge.
  • For commercial education purposes: Use of our content for commercial purposes (in books, articles, apps, etc.) requires a small fee.
  • For product marketing: Using our materials for marketing/promoting healthy products requires a larger (but still reasonable!) fee, tailored to the specific use.

In order to use any of our materials, regardless of your purpose, you must follow the instructions on our Permissions page here

Co-Branding Oldways Materials

If you are interested in putting your logo on our materials, please learn more about co-branding on our webstore. All of our tri-fold brochures, our 4-Week Mediterranean Diet and Vegetarian & Vegan Diet Menu Plan books, and the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid magnet can be co-branded with your logo.

Not interested in co-branding or licensing now? Check out our materials available for sale on our webstore.