Why embrace the old ways of eating?
Heritage. It’s what we’re given before anything else. It shapes our lives, our experiences, and our identities. It’s why we cherish old photos, test our DNA, and travel to distant homelands. It’s where we look to, time and time again, to understand who we are.

Where it relates to food, however, heritage has potential we overlook. The traditional food of our ancestors may make a guest appearance at a holiday or birthday, but for daily nourishment, we’ve come to favor modern eating habits over cultural ones.

Oldways believes food is heritage’s greatest gift of all.
There’s a lot that can be learned by evolving back to the customs of our ancestors. By embracing diets abundant in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. By maintaining a healthy balance of seafood, yogurt, cheese and meat. And by dressing it all with healthy oils, herbs, and spices.

We inspire people to embrace the healthy, sustainable joys of the old ways of eating.
All wholesome and all nutritious. All simply prepared and simply delicious. And all shared with family and friends through meals infused with time-honored traditions. It’s a recipe inherited and perfected over centuries, by people working hard to make their lives—and the lives of their future generations—healthier and happier. 

This is the true gift of heritage, and your invitation to rediscover it.