Oldways Table cover

In The Oldways Table: Essays & Recipes from the Culinary Think Tank, Founder K. Dun Gifford and current President Sara Baer-Sinnott explain the Oldways food philosophy of harmonious, traditional food patterns, sustainable agriculture, and healthy eating and drinking. It is a treatise on healthy eating, and on how to eat healthfully (with pleasure and ease) in today’s busy, modern world.

Oldways is a nonprofit founded to advocate a return to healthy, traditional old ways of eating. The book compiles fifteen years of work, and includes essays and recipes from Oldways and from our supporters—chefs, food writers, nutritionists, sustainability experts and food and wine experts.

The Oldways Table is not a diet book, nor a cookbook, nor a reference book—but it is all of these combined and more. The book provides simple, commonsense ideas for eating and living to lose or maintain weight. It also includes recipes and background reference material on healthy, pleasurable eating and the philosophy of eating the old ways with today’s lifestyles.

Praise for The Oldways Table

  • Former New York Times restaurant critic and food writer Mimi Sheraton says of The Oldways Table, “This book will surely become a much-used classic in any serious kitchen library.”
  • Frank Sacks, MD, of the Harvard School of Public Health and Medical School, explains that “Oldways pioneered the brilliant concept of joining high-level nutrition-science evidence with chef-quality recipes and meals.”
  • Jasper White, award-winning chef and author agrees: “The Oldways Table is one of the most impressive, exciting, comprehensive, and important books on the subject of food and agriculture ever published. There are dozens of wonderful, thought-provoking essays and beautiful, simple recipes from some of the greatest minds in the food world today—all woven together by the Oldways philosophy and vision, which is rooted in common sense and a passion for all things edible.” 

Claudia Roden, Bill Niman, Carol Field, and Deborah Madison are just a few of the culinary luminaries who are a part of The Oldways Table. The 90 essays and more than 100 recipes range from Zarela Martinez’s discussion of the symbolic meaning of tortillas in her culture to Lidia Bastianich’s chicory and white-bean salad. 

With its combination of accessible information and an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and culinary excellence, Oldways has grown to become a respected force in the international food world. The Oldways Table is a celebration of the groundbreaking work of this influential organization and its commitment to bringing back the healthy, traditional “old ways” of eating.

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