Enticing Consumers Most of the nutrition messages consumers hear convince them that all eating leads to guilt (I ate it!) or deprivation (I didn’t!). Oldways espouses a third way — a message of delicious plenty, with practical specifics about building a life-sustaining relationship with good food. We also run overseas Culinaria trips to introduce “foodies” to nourishing traditions around the world.

Briefing Journalists Journalists play an important role in publicizing both fundamental nutrition breakthroughs and timeless truths. Oldways’ International Conferences, Symposiums, and Culinaria trips introduce food writers from the world’s leading newspapers, magazines, and websites to the traditional foods of the world’s diverse cultures, and bring journalists in contact with key scientists and decision-makers so essential information sees the light of day in understandable, consumer-friendly form.

Updating Policymakers Government officials and ministers frequently attend our high-profile Conferences to update their knowledge of the links among nutrition, exercise and population-wide good health. Due to Oldways’ multi-cultural sensitivity and experience, governmental agencies in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia have invited us to brief world opinion leaders and promote local culinary traditions.

Employing Farmers and Traditional Producers Our efforts to promote sustainable food production and traditional foodways help small farmers worldwide maintain their way of life. By drawing attention to the benefits of local and regional foods that balance out our supply of increasingly packaged and processed foods, we keep consumers thinking “outside of the box.” We also organize Symposiums that bring chefs, journalists, and gourmet importers to the far corners of the earth to learn about traditional foods.

Educating Health Professionals Oldways’ Continuing Medical Education programs—offered to MDs, RDs and other health professionals on our own and in conjunction with the Harvard School of Public Health— combine state-of-the-art information with delicious food. Oldways offers health professionals free materials to hand out to patients, and our key scientific conferences have been abstracted in medical journals.

Supporting Manufacturers of Healthy Foods Nutrition theory is meaningless for consumers except as it is realized in specific foods. Through our three major programs and through custom projects, Oldways supports and encourages all foods that illustrate the solid science of healthy eating, so that companies can realize how manufacturing healthy foods can be profitable and self-sustaining.

Nurturing Collaboration among Scientists Our International Conferences offer an unparalleled venue for leading nutrition researchers and scientists to exchange ideas and further the understanding of key health research. We play matchmaker all the time, bringing together key players in different fields to create interesting synergies.