Doctors, RDs, and community leaders across the US and around the world use Oldways materials to change the way people eat, and individuals tap into our programs to inspire their own personal changes. We love it when these people write to us and tell us our work is making a difference in their lives and their communities. Read on, for inspiration — or click here, to tell us your story of how you’re using Oldways materials and programs to help yourself or others fall in love with healthy food.

Doctor using Mediterranean Diet Resources

I am writing to thank you for the incredible resources your organization is providing for my patients. I am a medical doctor in a large multi-specialty clinic practicing Preventive Cardiology in Madison, WI.  Of course we have been teaching The Mediterranean Diet to our cardiac patients for years, and the excellent design and readability of your teaching resources  is both refreshing and effective.

One of my favorite patients actually introduced me to your website by bringing in the cookbook.  I have shared it with others in the past few months who comment on the “simplicity” of the recipes——anybody can make these dishes!!
Please accept my kudos for work well done.  Your work makes mine more effective as I dedicate my days to keeping patients healthy.
Jane P, MD, Madison, WI

Dietitian using ONE Toolkits

I am still loving the great Oldways Toolkits. I tell other dietitians and all my dietetic students who spend time with me about Oldways and the [ONE] Toolkits. Thank to you and everyone at Oldways for all you do.

          Tina M, retail dietitian, Detroit, MI

Traveler on an Oldways Culinaria

Over the years Kathy and I have been fortunate enough to travel frequently, catering to our whims and interests. Our just-completed trip in the company of you and the Oldways gang was easily one of the best weeks we’ve ever enjoyed. Everything about the Umbria Culinaria exceeded our expectations. It was obvious that you and your compatriots didn’t miss anything while creating a truly memorable experience. Seeing and interacting with all three of you every day was an absolute delight! We’re sold on Oldways and look forward to participating in future excursions and with other stuff you guys create.

         John B, University Park, FL

Website Visitor, Oldways Whole Grains Council

I want to say thank you so much for your website. I have been searching a lot on the internet for good whole grain recipes. I think your website by far has the best ones! I love how many different kinds of grains you feature, and how many different flavor profiles and ethnic backgrounds are featured in your recipes. My husband had a major heart attack five months ago and it’s been hard to find recipes for our new way of eating. However, I feel really confident about our future armed with so many yummy, very healthy recipes. Thank you, thank you, God bless you and this Whole Grains Council.

Michelle B, by email