Oldways’ mission is to inspire good health through heritage, by promoting traditional foods and lifestyles. Our creative, practical programs combine great food and solid nutrition, to spread knowledge and instill excitement about cooking, shopping and eating the “old ways.”

Whether you’re looking to reach consumers directly with your healthy eating message, or you’re interested in reaching supermarkets, healthcare professionals, foodservice, or the media, the menu below gives an overview of the program opportunities available by collaborating with Oldways.

I. Mediterranean Diet & Health through heritage program

Oldways introduced the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid with the Harvard School of Public Health in January 1993 and has been promoting the Mediterranean Diet’s health benefits ever since. Our Health Through Heritage program helps people live healthier lives by raising awareness of the Mediterranean Diet and other cultural models of healthy eating and the foods associated with them.

For detailed information about sponsorship opportunities, contact Katherine Kelley, Marketing Communications Coordinator, at katherine@oldwayspt.org or 617-896-4861.  

II. The Oldways Whole Grains Council (WGC)

WGC logo with website

The Oldways Whole Grains Council has three parts to its mission: to help consumers understand the benefits of whole grains and identify them in stores and restaurants; to help manufacturers and restaurants make more and better whole grain foods; and to help the media write accurate and compelling stories about whole grains. The Whole Grains Council also runs the Whole Grain Stamp program, reviewing and qualifying products on which companies would like to use the Stamp. The Stamp is now used on more than 13,000 products in 64 countries.

Companies interested in the benefits of the WGC pay an annual membership fee, which is on a sliding scale from $525 to $15,750 depending on company size. This fee includes participation in WGC events and promotions, as well as use of the Whole Grain Stamp on qualifying approved products; there are no additional royalty fees.

For detailed information on the Whole Grains Council and membership benefits, contact Vik Bensen, WGC Stamp Program Manager at vik@oldwayspt.org http://wholegrainscouncil.org

III. African Heritage & Health

In November 2011, Oldways introduced the African Heritage Diet Pyramid, the fifth in its series of “Health Through Heritage” diet pyramids. The African Heritage & Health Program promotes the traditional plant-based diets and cuisines of the African diaspora – from Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and the American South – in order to improve health and wellbeing. Our first African Heritage & Health program is a national cooking class program called A Taste of African Heritage. 

This six-lesson program takes participants on a culinary journey through the major food groups of the 
African Heritage Diet Pyramid, teaching about the culinary history, the nutrition, and simple ways of cooking and shopping for these foods. Oldways piloted A Taste of African Heritage in 15 locations in 2012 with remarkable results and rave reviews; we’re now coordinating more than a hundred classes nationwide and gathering health metrics that attest to the program’s effectiveness.

We have found that this kind of hands-on, cultural nutrition program is greatly needed and welcomed, especially in African American communities. We are expanding distribution of this free curriculum in the coming year, with dietitians and community leaders as our teachers, and we are working with key food manufacturers and organizations to help us meet the demand. We would love to work with you!

For detailed information on how you can support the African Heritage & Health Program, contact Kelly LeBlanc at kelly@oldwayspt.org. http://oldwayspt.org/programs/african-heritage-health

IV. Oldways Cheese Coalition

OCC logo

The Oldways Cheese Coalition (OCC) is a member-driven advocacy group that supports the production of artisan, raw-milk, and traditional cheese. At a time when regulatory uncertainty threatens traditional production and aging methods, the OCC offers a strong voice of industry support and consumer education. By encouraging dialog grounded in science and nutrition, we bring the proven Oldways model to traditional cheese and in doing so encourage literacy, appreciation, and awareness of the role of traditional cheese in a healthy diet. The OCC is composed of members of the cheese industry and cheese enthusiasts to form an outspoken voice of advocacy on behalf of this delicious and nutritious staple.

Companies interested in supporting and associating their brand with OCC advocacy efforts pay an annual membership fee, which is on a sliding scale from $500 to $10,000 depending on company size. This fee includes participation in OCC programming, visibility on the OCC and Oldways websites, and committed advocacy support.

For detailed information on the Oldways Cheese Coalition and member benefits, contact Katherine Kelley, Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Katherine@oldwayspt.org . www.oldwayscheese.org

V. Licensing, Co-branding and Content Development

Oldways is known worldwide (especially among dietitians and other health professionals) for the quality and engaging tone of our nutrition education materials. If you need health and nutrition content for your website, newsletter or any other purpose, talk to us about licensing our existing content. In addition, we can co-brand many of our brochures and handouts with your logo; costs are reasonable and there are discounts for existing sponsors. Don’t see what you need? We can also create custom content for companies and food organizations. Costs vary according to project.

For detailed information on licensing, co-branding and custom content, contact Katie Boardman, Office Manager at Katie@oldwayspt.org  http://oldwayspt.org/health-professionals.