Oldways is an internationally recognized food and nutrition nonprofit, with a mission to improve public health through education about cultural food traditions and lifestyles. We like to say, “Let the old ways be your guide to good health and well-being.” With positive and practical programs, and visual tools like the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid and the Whole Grain Stamp, Oldways shares science-based nutrition information rooted in the old ways of eating and living — which benefit human and planetary health alike. 

Since its founding in 1990, Oldways has worked to improve public health on both grassroots and public policy levels, connecting solutions-based programming and collaborations with key movers and shakers in food and nutrition. Our expertise spans traditional diets (Mediterranean, African Heritage, Latin American, Asian, Vegetarian and Vegan), whole grains, traditional cheeses, common sense communications about nutrition science, culinary travel, and more.


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Oldways Whole Grains Council Conference Spotlights Cutting-Edge Food Industry Trends
At its upcoming Whole Grains Conference from November 4 – 6, 2018 at ​the ​Seattle ​Renaissance ​Hotel, the Oldways Whole Grains Council will provide chefs, manufacturers, foodservice operators, and distributors with key insights and actionable takeaways to adapt to the trends. Topics will include consumer attitudes, new health research, whole grain retail and foodservice trends, the rebirth of local grain economies, and where the industry is headed next.


Updated Asian Diet Pyramid and Resources
Oldways, along with an advisory committee of scientific experts, has updated its Asian Diet Pyramid to help families return to traditional Asian foods and meals. In the style of Oldways’ other traditional diet pyramids, the newly released Asian Diet Pyramid has been made over with fresh illustrations of what to eat and the relative proportion of each food group, based on the wealth of research on healthy Asian diets that’s been published in recent years. To inspire and educate people about this healthy and affordable eating pattern, Oldways has also created a user-friendly Asian Diet 101 brochure, along with thematic handouts

Oldways’ A Taste of African Heritage Curriculum Added to USDA SNAP-Ed Library
Oldways’ A Taste of African Heritage (ATOAH) curriculum, a six-week cooking and nutrition curriculum based on healthy plant foods from across the African diaspora, has been added to the to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – Education (SNAP-Ed) library. The addition will give SNAP-Ed providers the opportunity to bring more culturally relevant nutrition programming to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps) recipients.  

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid 25th Anniversary
In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, Oldways released a brand new infographic to illustrate three good reasons to love the Mediterranean Diet. It’s good for people, the planet, and consumers’ pocketbooks—which is probably why the Mediterranean Diet was tied for first in US News & World Report’s 2018 overall diet rankings.

Whole Grains Around the World
In keeping with Oldways’ mission of health through heritage, the new cookbook, Whole Grains Around the World, takes readers on a tour of the world’s cuisines—Mediterranean, African, Latin American, and Asian—to illustrate how whole grains figure into all of them. It includes over 70 recipes and offers a full, dietitian-designed menu plan for each day, with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options.


Oldways can support your research and reporting on a number of topics around food, nutrition, and traditional diets and lifestyles. From sharing the most recent scientific studies to providing quotes, write-ups, and connections with researchers and experts, Oldways is here to help.

Here are just some of Oldways’ resources:

  • Five Traditional Diet Pyramids available for media use
    • Mediterranean, Plant-Based, African Heritage, Asian, and Latin American
  • Educational materials – both free and for purchase
    • Infographics, TedEd videos, brochures, books, posters, webinars
  • Meal plans and shopping lists
    • 4-Week Mediterranean Diet Menu Plan & 4-Week Plant-Based Menu Plan books
    • Oldways Cart menu plan (see “Oldways Cart” in Roadmap section)
  • Large collection of recipes with high-resolution food photos; recipe/menu development
  • Health studies database, with easy searching for significant nutrition research
  • Reports on consumer attitudes and industry trends
  • Clearinghouse of world’s top nutrition scientists available for media contact 



Oldways Mediterranean Program. Since creating the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid in 1993, Oldways has been the trusted source on this gold-standard diet.

Quick Facts:

  • Instrumental in bringing Mediterranean Diet foods and science to the United States in the 90s
  • Fresh Fridays newsletter shares news, original recipes, and lifestyle tips
  • Mediterranean Diet Research Digest updates health professionals on newest studies​
  • NEW! Infographic on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and Spanish translation of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

Oldways Whole Grains Council. This program strives to increase whole grain consumption by educating consumers, food manufacturers, and the media about finding whole grains, cooking them, and understanding why they’re beneficial to health (and to environmental sustainability).

Quick Facts:

  • Driving force behind growing awareness and accessibility of whole grain foods
  • Curates extensive database of research, incl. ancient and sprouted grain info
  • 50% Stamp option augments Whole Grain Stamps already helping consumers identify whole grain products
    • Whole Grain Stamps help consumers identify whole grain products and appear on over 12,000 products in 58 countries
  • NEW! Whole Grains Around the World cookbook provides a 28-day journey through whole grain dishes inspired by the Mediterranean, African, Latin American, and Asian diets.

Oldways Cheese Coalition. At a time when regulatory uncertainty threatens traditional production and aging methods, Oldways supports artisan cheesemaking with unbiased research-based advocacy showing traditional cheese is both healthy and a dietary staple with great cultural importance.

Quick Facts:

  • Leading voice in the global effort to protect traditionally made cheeses; e.g. protected raw milk cheeses from FDA-proposed ban in the 1990s
  • Our 4th Annual Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day in 2018 featured over 600 events in 22 countries
  • Weekly social media campaigns highlighting stories from the cheese world

Oldways African Heritage & Health. In response to increased rates of chronic disease in African American populations, Oldways created the African Heritage & Health program to help people improve health by reclaiming their heritage.


Quick Facts:

  • Oldways’ African Heritage Diet Pyramid reflects healthy culinary traditions from the diaspora (Africa, the Caribbean, parts of Latin America & American South)
  • A Taste of African Heritage (ATOAH) cooking classes brings the pyramid to life
    • 326+ classes have been taught, with 6,493 participants nationwide, since 2012
    • 60% lost weight during course; 33% reduced their blood pressure by one stage; 52% lost inches around their waist
  • Sustainable ATOAH partnerships with Georgia Farmer’s Market Association, Indiana Department of Public Health, The Free Library of Philadelphia, Diabetes Health & Wellness Institute in Dallas, TX, and more
  • NEW! A Tate of African Heritage curriculum added to SNAP-Ed Library, and class directory now live

Oldways Culinarias. Twice a year, Oldways organizes one-of-a-kind travel itineraries with the belief that the heart of a culture can be illuminated by exploring its food, wine, and culinary traditions.

Quick Facts:

  • Each trip guided by Oldways, local experts (restaurateurs, food/beverage producers), and James Beard Award-winning chefs, art historians, and more
  • Past highlights include Morocco, Puglia, Turkey, Emilia Romagna, and Greece
  • NEW! October 2018: Crete with James Beard Award-winning chef Ana Sortun and award-winning cookbook author and cooking teacher Aglaia Kremezi

Oldways Cart. Mostly plant-based, with small amounts of meat and dairy, the Oldways Cart menu plan models what a healthy grocery cart looks like. Includes a shopping list and meal plan of easy recipes for a week’s worth of meals for two adults.

Quick Facts:

  • Aligns with dietary recommendations from leading scientists — including the Finding Common Ground experts & 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee
  • Move over MyPlate: The Oldways Cart helps shoppers picture an overall healthy diet and the colorful, appealing foods that can be part of it

Oldways Plant-Based Network.

Through careful research, developing tools like its Plant-Based Diet Pyramid, and collaboration among nutrition and culinary experts, Oldways promotes the health benefits of traditional plant-based diets.

Quick Facts:

  • Developed the Vegetarian and Vegan Diet Pyramid
  • Creates educational materials: e.g. Plant-Based Diet Pyramid, 4-Week Plant-Based Meal Plan book, guides to plant-based nutrient resources
  • 12 Ways to Use Vegetables book features innovative, easy ways to cook 26 different vegetables
  • NEW! Refurbished and updated blogs for vegan/vegetarian sources of vitamin D and B12


Oldways Supermarket Dietitian Symposium. This annual event recognizes the critical work supermarket dietitians do, offering them a chance to connect and strategize with food and commodity board partners.

Quick Facts:

  • The oldest event of its kind, this Symposium features a global network of health food leaders
  • Attended by 50 of the country’s premier supermarket dietitians and health & wellness professionals, who reach millions of consumers daily


Looking for a timely tie to talk about healthy eating? Peppered throughout the year, Oldways food holidays provide opportunities to celebrate good food while connecting with experts, partners, and consumers.

FEBRUARY | African Heritage & Health Week (February 1 to 7)
Coinciding with Black History Month, a weeklong celebration of a flavorful and healthy cuisine; details here

MARCH | Whole Grain Sampling Day (March 27, 2019; last Wednesday in March)
Supermarkets, schools, and food businesses across the country offer samplings of whole grain products and menu items; details here

APRIL | Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day (April 2019)
Exclusive events held at cheese shops, creameries, and restaurants around the world to highlight raw milk cheese; details here

MAY | International Mediterranean Diet Month
Celebration of the history, foods, and science behind this healthy and delicious way of eating; details here

SEPTEMBER | Whole Grains Month
Special events and promotions with whole grains in the spotlight; details here


Oldways Mediterranean Program

  • The Mediterranean Diet is So Sustainable, Effective, and Flavorful it Hardly Feels like a Diet. That May Be Why It Works.
  • The Science Behind the Mediterranean Diet’s Multitude of Benefits, from Head to Toe (Literally!)
  • How Eating a Mediterranean Diet Could Help to Save the Environment

Oldways Whole Grains Council

  • The Real Story Behind Ancient Grains [or Gluten; or Sprouted Grains; or Fiber] 
  • Whole Grain Breakfast Recipes that Pack a Protein Punch — without Packing the Bacon 
  • Want an Environmentally Friendly Diet? Ditch the White Bread and Go for Whole Grain
  • Beyond Wheat, Beyond Kansas: A new breed of farmers growing heritage & local grains
  • Changes in the food supply encouraged by the Whole Grain Stamp

Oldways African Heritage & Health

  • Why African Heritage Cuisine is the Next Big Food Trend: It’s Loaded with Flavor, Mostly Plant- Based, and Ultra-Healthy
  • Successes and long-term benefits of local cooking classes, especially those that connect culture and cooking (Oldways’ A Taste of African Heritage)

Oldways Cheese Coalition

  • The Mothers of the American Cheese Revolution: US Cheese is a (Wo)man’s World
  • Surprising cheese pairings for any season, any palate


Contact: media@oldwayspt.org