Thank you for requesting permission to use any of the Oldways visual assets or recipes. It is thanks to people and organizations like you — who support us and spread the word about our work — that we have been successfully guiding people to good health through heritage for more than two and a half decades.

For graphic permissions, see below. For recipe permissions, please visit our Recipes for the Media page


If you are…

A.  Doctor, dietitian, or other health professional looking to use our materials with your patients: Please visit our online store to purchase our affordable nutrition materials for health professionals. We are a small nonprofit, and the proceeds from our store help us continue to create more high-quality resources. We can also work with you to cobrand materials.

B.  A publisher or commercial user looking to use one of our images in a book or other item for sale: We are happy to give you permission to use our materials, and in return we request a donation to support our continued work creating wonderful educational materials. We also require that we receive credit for our materials, as outlined below.

C.  Educator or student looking to use an image in a handout, presentation, or for research purposes: We are happy to give you permission to use our materials as long as you credit Oldways, as outlined in the guidelines below.

D.  A newspaper, magazine, blog, or other editorial user: We are happy to give you permission to use our materials as long as you credit Oldways, as outlined in the guidelines below.

In order to use our materials, please email or call (617) 421-5500, with your request and intended use. We will provide permission and a high-resolution version of your desired resource. We ask that you also review our policies below.

Use & Credit Guidelines

No modifications may be made to the image, and the original credit/copyright notice line must be included. For example, “© 2009 Oldways Preservation & Exchange Trust,” which appears under the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, must be included, in addition to our website address,

For all our materials, we would also appreciate a link to the appropriate Oldways website, with text such as “For a wealth of healthy eating information visit [URL]” with a link to (in most cases), to for Oldways Whole Grains Council materials, or to for Oldways Cheese Coalition materials.

For educational or commercial uses, please send us a copy of the final product (or a final draft, either electronic or hard copy) before publication, so we may see the context in which our materials are being used.

Donation Guidelines

Donations are on the honor system; we ask that you reflect on the value that our materials bring to your work and/or how much time and money you saved by not needing to create your own.

If you are a small nonprofit giving away our materials, your donation would likely be on the token end of the scale. Healthcare companies, textbook publishers, and other commercial users would pay more. For example, to use one of our Heritage Diet Pyramids in a textbook, we suggest $250. For media using our materials as editorial content, we waive the requested donation.

How to Donate. Contact Abby Sloane, Oldways Finance Manager, at or (617) 896-4875. Receipt available upon request.

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