The Importance of Traditional Diets

How Heritage Diets Are Similar

Before the rise of 24 hour minimarts, vending machines, and fast food delivery, traditional diets rooted in wholesome, seasonal ingredients nourished families all around the world.

Although culturally diverse in their recipes, flavor pairings, and ingredients, nearly all traditional diets are centered on a foundation of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, pulses, nuts seeds, herbs, spices, and other plant foods. Meat, seafood, and traditionally produced dairy products (like yogurt and cheese) were often used as a garnish, while cooking fats, such as olive oil, were used to dress up vegetables and other nutritious ingredients. Refined sweets, like cakes and pastries, were reserved for special occasions, not everyday indulgences.

With traditional diets as your blueprint, there is hardly a more delicious route to optimal health and wellbeing. Read More