Mediterranean Mussels with Farro

To speed this recipe on its way to your table, the farro and the stew can be prepared up to three days ahead. Purchase the muscles the day they’re to be cooked and simply reheat the stew before adding the mussels and farro in Step 4.

Strawberry Barley Scones

Barley flour has a distinctly sweet, creamy quality that tastes great with fruit. This recipe sandwiches a generous smear of jam between two disks of dough. When the scone bakes, the jam thickens, even caramelizing a little around the edges. The moist dough and the small, irregular bits of...

Graham Crackers Kim Boyce

Nothing gets a four-year-old’s attention quite as quickly as the mention of graham crackers, or “grahams,” as they’re called at my daughter’s nursery school. Named after Reverend Sylvester Graham, these cookies are made with a blend of graham flour (coarsely ground whole wheat), teff flour, and...

Stout Wheat Bread

If you’re craving a bread that combines tart and sweet without overwhelming you with either, then look no further! The secret to maintaining this balance of flavors is the inclusion of a rich stout beer in the bread. Whether slicing and toasting simply, or getting fancy as French...

pita bread sandwich.jpg

Here’s a higher-fiber sandwich bread that’s just plain fun to eat: whole-wheat pita. Layer these with meat and cheese, stuff with chicken or tuna salad, or spread with peanut butter and jelly; this bread plays nicely with any ingredient you can think of!

Bulgur Pilaf

This dish is satisfying and high in protein. It’s a perfect side dish for a summer picnic; serve it with grilled vegetables and fish. ...

Buckwheat Kreplach

The small dumplings known as kreplach can be served with a sauce, as they are here, or simply floated in broth for a light meal. This is a gussied-up version of a simpler kreplach that is made with handmade dough.

Teff Banana Bread

Teff adds a special twist to this classic banana bread. You can substitute nuts for the chocolate bits if you prefer.

RCT Shows Whole Grains Reduce Blood Pressure

In a randomized control trial of 233 healthy, middle-aged volunteers, subjects spent 4 weeks consuming a run-in diet of refined grains, and then were randomly allocated to the control diet (refined), a whole wheat diet, or a whole wheat and whole oats diet for 12 weeks. Each group consumed 3 daily portions of the specific grains. Systolic blood pressure and pulse pressure were significantly reduced by 6 and 3 mm HG, respectively, in the whole grains groups compared to the control refined group. Researchers at the University of Aberdeen concluded that this blood pressure decrease would decrease the incidence of coronary artery disease and stroke by 15-25% respectively.
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, October 2010; 92(4):733-40. Epub August 4, 2010

Multi Grain Corn Flour Waffles

Using corn flour and whole wheat flour, this healthier twist on a traditional breakfast is so delicious, you’ll never want to use the old recipe again!

Wild Rice Slamon Tarlets

This dish is an easy but very sophisticated appetizer for your next party, made extra-special with top-quality wild rice.

Brown Rice Yeast Rolls

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with leftover brown rice, this recipe is for you! Although best when fresh right out of the oven, these rolls can make excellent additions to any meal for several days after baking. Have fun surprising your family with this novel new way to enjoy your...


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