“Ranging from light in texture and flavor, such as bulgur and freekeh, to heartier and chewier such as farro and wheat berries, there is a grain for every occasion,” writes author Anna Shillinglaw Hampton, in the new cookbook, Grain Bowls.

Grain bowls, and whole grains in general, are a mainstay among celebrity chefs, food bloggers, and a new wave of health-focused fast-casual restaurants. And yet, less than 40% of Americans have ever given quinoa, millet, bulgur, sorghum, spelt, farro, amaranth, or teff a try, according to 2015 survey data.

To help people experience firsthand just how enticing (and easy to use!) whole grain products are, we’re hosting the 6th Annual Whole Grain Sampling Day on Wednesday, March 29, 2017. This day is a delicious opportunity to experiment with a new-to-you grain, and is the perfect final bite to close out the National Nutrition Month festivities.

More than 120 supermarkets across the US & Canada will be sampling whole grain products in their stores, and a handful of Boston-area restaurants will be offering menu samples to customers. Additionally, more than 55 college campuses are on board, with special whole grain nutrition and tasting events slated for students. To find out if a store, restaurant, school, or community health center near you is participating, check out our Interactive Map (new partners are being added daily).


Can’t find a formal Whole Grain Sampling Day festivity near you? Create your own celebration, simply by trying a different whole grain menu item at a restaurant, or making a recipe with a new-to-you ancient grain. The recipes on our Whole Grains Council website are a great place to start, as is our A-Z Directory of whole grain recipe ideas and cooking tips.

Additionally, a number of popular grain companies will be doing social media giveaways on Whole Grain Sampling Day. For a chance to win some of their most popular whole grain foods, check out the social media pages of the following participating companies on March 29:

Whether you’re new to the kitchen, or a seasoned whole grain cook, please join us on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 by visiting one of the live Whole Grain Sampling Day events happening around the country, or by sharing your own Whole Grain Sampling Day experience on social media using the hashtag #SampleWholeGrains.


Kelly Toups, Program Director, Whole Grains Council; Oldways Staff RD

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