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1 cup of Parmigiano Reggiano, shredded

1 can of black beans, low sodium preferred

2 cups corn kernels, either cut from an already steamed cob, or frozen

2 cups tomatoes, chopped

1 cup cilantro, chopped

2 limes

Salt to taste

Optional: slices of avocado

  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Prepare the various ingredients to fill the taco and put each into individual small bowls.
  3. Open the can of beans, rinse thoroughly and drain
  4. Cut the corn from the cob, or rinse the frozen corn and drain
  5. Chop the tomatoes and drain the liquid
  6. Slice the avocado into long slices
  7. Chop the cilantro
  8. Cut the limes into quarters
  9. Using a grater, shred the Parmigiano Reggiano until you have a full cup.
  10. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper
  11. Using a glass, coffee cup or biscuit cutter, draw six 4-inch circles on the parchment paper, keeping the circles about 2 inches apart.
  12. Flip the parchment paper over, so that the pen marks face on the baking sheet.
  13. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of Parmigiano Reggiano into each of the six circles, spreading it evenly in each circle.   
  14. Bake the Parmigiano Reggiano for 6-7 minutes, not letting the cheese fully brown.
  15. Wait about 30 seconds to 1 minute, and then using a spatula, gently place each round on a rolling pin or a class to bend it into a taco shape.  (Or, if you prefer, leave the flat, so they are more like a tostada.)
  16. Fill the Parmigiano Reggiano taco shell or tostada with a tablespoon each of beans, corn, and cilantro.  Salt to taste.
  17. Place the avocado slice on top, optional, and if you like, squeeze with lime.
  18. If you have any leftover ingredients, make a salad of beans, corn, tomatoes, cilantro, avocado and lime juice, topped with shredded Parmigiano Reggiano.

Oldways recipe and photo made in collaboration with Parmigiano Reggiano 


Nutrition per taco WITHOUT the avocado: Calories: 180
Total Fat: 5g
Saturated Fat: 3g
Sodium: 105mg
Carbohydrate: 27g
Fiber: 6g
Total Sugar: 4g (Added Sugar: 0g)
Protein: 11g With avocado: Calories: 240
Total Fat: 10g
Saturated Fat: 4g
Sodium: 110mg
Carbohydrate: 30g
Fiber: 8g
Total Sugar: 4g (Added Sugar: 0g)
Protein: 11g

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