As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome 2024, we are grateful to our passionate partners and team members, particularly as we reflect on the past year.    

In 2023, we experienced amazing culinary travel adventures, produced a fascinating whole grain survey, highlighted the African Heritage Diet and celebrated 30 years of our Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, among other exciting endeavors. We are proud of these accomplishments and look forward to continuing our mission of promoting healthy and sustainable food choices in 2024.

Join us as we look back on our favorite moments from 2023 and share our vision for the year ahead. 

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1. The 30th anniversary of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

In May, we celebrated 30 years since we unveiled the Mediterranean Diet pyramid with the Harvard School of Public Health! Many chefs, experts, and friends and supporters of Oldways joined in on our celebration—submitting videos and Mediterranean Diet tips! Watch them on the Oldways Instagram or TikTok page.

2. A meaningful Juneteenth Celebration


Oldways African Heritage Program celebrated Juneteenth with a number of events and offerings. The program featured video submissions from Prairie View A&M University, The Forsyth Farmers’ Market, NCNW-Detroit Section, Jasmine Westbrooks EatingWell contributor, Food Bank of South Jersey, as well as contributions from African Heritage and Health Advisory Board members, Tambra Raye Stevenson and Vivian Morris. In case you missed, them check out the videos on the Oldways A Taste of Heritage Instagram Page.

The program celebration encouraged community engagement, making Juneteenth a rich and meaningful celebration for all. Learn more about the celebration here.

3. Incredible Travel Adventures

In 2023 we traveled to Italy, Spain, Turkey, and Switzerland! Learn more about where we went and what we did below:

Sicily (October 2023)

Switzerland (September 2023)

Small-Group Cooking Experience on the Aegean Coast of Turkey (April-May 2023)

Spain: San Sebastian, Rioja & Basque Region (March 2023)

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4. Expanded Resources for A Taste of African Heritage Curriculum 

a red book cover displaying a map of Africa

We recently crafted a fitness workshop for the adults A Taste of African Heritage curriculum, thus combining healthy eating and physical activity.  

Oldways also released a guide featuring Tips for Implementing the Curriculum that showcases how our partners are successfully offering Oldways heritage classes to their community members.

WGC-Survey2023_0723 27.jpg

5. 2023 Whole Grain Survey

Our 2023 Whole Grain Consumer Insights Survey, a census-representative survey of 1500 American adults, found many indicators that consumers are increasingly seeking whole grain foods, not only for their health benefits, but also because consumers see them as tasty and sustainable. 

6. Highlighting Diverse Heritage Diets 

Oldways Outreach Dietitian, Adante Hart and Oldways Vice President of Nutrition, Kelly LeBlanc represented Oldways at the Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives conference at the CIA Copia campus in Napa Valley, CA. They presented on the African Heritage Diet and heritage diets more broadly to an audience of physicians, dietitians and other clinicians, highlighting the cultural and nutritional significance of these traditional foods, and drawing together culinary arts and nutrition science.


Adante also contributed to Eating Well’s spotlight for Black History Month, authoring an article explaining what the African Heritage Diet is, how it came to be, and its importance as a tool for healing. In addition, Adante also curated a series of recipes that highlight the foods and flavors found throughout the African Diaspora. Through his piece, Adante along with his co-contributors were able to articulate why cultural foods, diets, and traditions matter, and why they are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.  It was also rewarding to learn that the spotlight was the recipient of two awards last year. Bronze for the Publication Article Category of Health Digital Awards, Winner, Folio Eddie.

Sarah Anderson, Heritage Diet Curriculum Manager also led a cooking demonstration, Nutrition Education + Nutrition Incentives Community of Practice, at Harvard Dining Services on campus, and exhibited at the world-famous Houston Rodeo. 


 7. International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day

We love spreading the word about raw milk cheese all year—but 2023’s International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day was extra special because our members joined us in celebrating. Check out some of their videos on the Oldways Cheese Coalition’s Instagram Page.

8. The supporters of our mission and our awesome team

As always, a highlight of our year is all the wonderful people who support Oldways— our ambassadors, partners, collaborators and friends. In addition, our culinaria travelers, blog readers, social media followers, and email subscribers play a huge role in making our work possible. Thank you!

And now, looking ahead to 2024….

1. A fun challenge to start off the new year 


Ready for a fresh start in 2024? Join the Mediterranean Diet Challenge. Even though January 1 has passed, any time is a good time to start following along with our delicious 4-week meal plan. It’s an easy, supportive way to create lasting healthy eating habits. Here’s how to get started:

  • Get a copy of the 28-day Make Every Day Mediterranean menu plan book (download an e-book instantly!)

  • Join our Facebook group to connect with over 18 thousand others who have adopted this way of eating.
  • Begin following the meal plan in the book. Check the Facebook group daily for tips and encouragement along the way. Plus, post your own questions, successes and challenges in the group to start a conversation with other members!

Plus, all heritage diets are more alike than different! Start off the new year by discovering the foundations of the Mediterranean Diet, which can easily be applied to the Asian Heritage Diet, African Heritage Diet and Latin American Heritage Diet. All of these plant-based eating patterns are just as delicious as they are nutritious

2. Reaching even more people with our heritage diet curricula


This year, we’re focusing on bringing A Taste of African Heritage, A Children’s Taste of African Heritage, and A Taste of Latin American Heritage to even more communities across the country! Of course, these programs wouldn’t be the same without our fabulous instructors. Think you’d like to teach one of these curricula in your community? Learn more here.

If you’re looking to learn more about African heritage cuisine at home, check out our e-course for online learning options. Plus, follow our A Taste of Heritage Instagram page for tips and recipe inspiration.

3. New culinary tours to Italy, Greece, Croatia 

Our 2024 tours are not to be missed! Join us in Italy, Greece, or Croatia in the coming year.

Parma Cathedral and Baptistry

We’ll kick off our 2024 culinarias in April, in Parma and Emilia Romagna. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma, and Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale, this is the trip for you! Not only will we experience the region’s one-of-a-kind foodways, enjoy a cooking class with Chef Michael Lombardi and experience a hands-on cooking class at Academia Barilla—we’ll be staying within easy walking distance of the wonderful town of Parma, full of charm, great shopping, cultural sites and great restaurants. 

greece sbs.jpeg

In May, we’ll head to Greece, where we will explore the Peloponnese from north to south and conclude with two days in not-to-be-missed Athens. While we’re in the Peloponnese, we’ll visit wineries, olive oil producers, historic sites, enjoy seaside restaurants and country tavernas as well as enjoy cooking classes and dinners with our chefs, Cassie Piuma and Michael Costa. Once in Athens, we’ll experience the city’s nightlife, with an evening stroll and then climb the Acropolis and visit the spectacular Acropolis museum. 


We’ll head to Piedmont, Italy, in the fall, where we’ll experience the culture and beauty of Turin, along with the spectacular landscapes of vineyards, farms, plains, and forests that are home to the signature products of the Piedmont Region – wines, truffles, rice, chocolate, cheeses and more.  We’ll be joined by Chef Kevin O’Donnell for a cooking class and lots of daily cooking tips.


And, finally, Croatia awaits at the end of October! Dubrovnik and Split are charming, with beautiful architecture and winding streets, all within view of the Adriatic Sea. We’ll explore the foodways and culture of this beautiful country, and you’ll have (at least) one of those pinch-me days – when you know you are so lucky to be where you are.  

Traveling on your own timeline? Learn about the custom experiences we can create for you in Italy and Greece.

4. New Website Launch 

hands typing over the keys of a laptop

In 2024, our new website will go live! All the content you’re used to finding at will still be available, but on a shiny new platform that we hope is even easier for our website visitors to navigate.

5. Custom projects

In 2023 we worked on fun custom projects with members, such as developing traditional recipes with different heritage ingredients (stay tuned for a reveal soon). We’d love to work with you! Get in touch with us to collaborate in exciting and creative ways in the coming year. 

6. More opportunities to connect with all of you

In 2024, we can’t wait to reach even more people than ever before! Follow us on Instagram and TikTok, connect with us on LinkedIn, sign up for a newsletter (below), or join us on a culinary tour. We can’t wait to talk about heritage diets & good food with all of you!

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