I spent this past weekend on Manomet Bay. I decided that if the chill wouldn’t permit a dive into the ocean, then I’d delve into The Oldways Table cookbook and pick out something new to have for a maritime meal. I sat with the book perched on my lap by the shore on Saturday morning and “shopped” for a recipe, perusing through the scores of mouthwatering dishes. As I read, my friend Chris pointed out the mini-skyline of Provincetown, stretching his arm to say, “We’d hit Ireland!” if we kept on going out. Maybe it was his proclamation that finally nudged my Irish palate into the perfect choice: Mashed Kale & Potatoes with Olive Oil.

Oldways Table Big 0.gif

Holy Marriage-Made-In-Heaven! This recipe takes your basic potatoes and gives em’ a twist by adding sautéed greens straight into the mash! It’s a wonderful way to pack tons of nutrition into one of our staple comfort foods. The scallions and olive oil embedded so much flavor into my yukon golds, I could hardly recognize them. The dark green of the kale, like a labyrinth through the potato, gave this simple dish a dramatic and exotic air. I served it with grilled asparagus and spicy pinto beans, with a dash of Chablis on the side. What better hearty, shoreline meal to have in that crisp wake between spring and summer? It warmed us up and energized us so much that we spent the eve as beach walkers, not beach bums! And the next morning we stamped the leftovers into patties for the best potato-pancakes I’ve ever had  —Sarah D.


Kell Brigan
In other words, Colcannon. Or Bubble & Squeak if you pan fry the leftovers.

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