For years, I identified cabbage only two ways:  one being the over boiled blob that accompanied the corned beef on St. Patty’s Day and the other was a Cabbage Patch Kid by the name of Jules Carson, my beautiful bald bundle of joy… who was met with an untimely death when he was savagely scribbled to death with a black sharpie by my little brother when I was 8 years old.  As you can image, both of these perspectives left a bad taste in my mouth.

It took some time (and maybe some therapy) to begin building a new relationship with cabbage, but working at Oldways has helped.  Today I can say that I am learning about new ways to enjoy it– from crunchy cabbage salads, pickled Kimchi or just sautéed  – this versatile vegetable has much to offer.  After asking our Fresh Friday newsletter readers about vegetables they want to learn more about they, too, were interested in ways to prepare cabbage But, before we get to prepping, lets find out some fun facts first.

Did you know:

  • The botanical name for cabbage is Brassica oleracea.
  • Cabbage is a member of the cruciferous family of vegetables, which includes other veggies such as kale, kohlrabi, and cauliflower.
  • There are dozens of varieties of cabbage. Some of the more common are napa, bok choy, and savoy.
  • Cabbage needs only three months to grow. This quick turnaround means that it yields more edible vegetables than any other and in turn makes for a very affordable food.
  • Some “old wives” have used cabbage in baby gender predictions!
  • Cabbage is fiber-rich, a great source of calcium and vitamins A and C.
  • The world’s largest cabbage weighed in at a whopping 138.25 pounds!

And without further adieu here are Oldways ideas for 12 Great Ways to Use Cabbage!

12ways CabbageFORWEB2.jpg




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