I do enjoy store bought hummus in a pinch but I have been making my own for some time and prefer homemade hummus whenever possible.  Homemade hummus is easy to make, and once you have your basic recipe in place, there are so many variations you can create with a little imagination and just a few ingredients.

There is actually a local restaurant that I enjoy visiting rather frequently because I am obsessed with their hummus. So, when I discovered that this hummus was made in-house I had to get my hands on the recipe.  I liked my homemade hummus but his recipe is extra special! I asked the chef what he did that made his hummus so delicious, but he was unwilling to share his actual recipe, beyond the secret that he prefers sesame oil to tahini because it isn’t as “tangy.” Undaunted, I set out to test and test again in an attempt to narrow in on the correct proportions.  After many attempts and subjecting friends to an obscene amount of hummus I was still not feeling like the flavor profile was hitting the mark, so I went back to poke and prod the chef a bit more.  Following several questions, and some ego stroking, he let go of another piece of the puzzle: he uses a bit of Cajun seasoning. Eureka! After several more trials here’s my own version of his hummus recipe—as close as I can get it!

1 15 oz can of chickpeas, rinsed and drained
3- 4 crushed garlic cloves
⅛ cup sesame oil
⅛ cup olive oil or canola oil
½ teaspoon Cajun spice seasoning
½ teaspoon salt, if desired

My recommendation for serving is as a dip with any assortment of vegetables and whole grain pita triangles or crackers. You could also substitute this hummus for your lunchtime condiment. I love it on my lunch wrap with arugula, chopped red peppers, mushrooms, feta, tomatoes and shredded carrots! Even though National Mediterranean Diet Month ends today, every month is a good time to enjoy Med foods like hummus.

- Rachel

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