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Sarah joined Oldways in 2011 and quickly became Program Manager for our African Heritage & Health Program. Growing up in Boston’s rich diversity fueled Sarah’s inspiration to help African Americans reconnect to their healthy food roots. An avid fan of Southern and West African cuisines, Sarah keeps her kitchen packed with African heritage grains like millet and teff, beans and peas, vegetables, and tubers. Her motto when looking at a plate is: “Always start with a green, a grain, and a bean.” With leafy greens constantly on the stove or in her smoothies, Sarah counts Collards & Brussels Sprouts cooked in lemon, red wine and fresh oregano as her favorite dish. 

On the heels of a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Sarah attended The Institute For Integrative Nutrition in NYC, where she received her Health Counseling Certification. As a counselor, educator, cooking instructor, and community outreach speaker, Sarah has worked to bring plant-based cooking and eating to life for broad audiences. Sarah helped Oldways in co-developing the African Heritage Diet Pyramid resources, and she is the primary author of Oldways’ cooking class curriculum, “A Taste of African Heritage.” Sarah lives and works in Austin, TX, where she continues to create and support new African Heritage & Health programs and co-teach “A Taste of African Heritage” classes at the George Washington Carver Museum.