A Taste of African Heritage wouldn’t exist without the invaluable support of our friends and partners. We’re so grateful!

Our Advisory Committee

Oldways brought together a team of experts to help develop the African Heritage Diet Pyramid. This committee includes culinary historians, nutrition scientists, and public health experts, each focused on African descendant health and history. These advisors were essential to the creation of the African Heritage Diet Pyramid, and they continue to offer their expertise with the African Heritage & Health programs. Oldways thanks each one of them.

Our Ambassador Network

Oldways’ African Heritage & Health Ambassador Network is a collective of talented community volunteers dedicated to improving nutrition and public health. The Ambassador Network was designed especially for A Taste of African Heritage teachers who want to take their community outreach work to the next level. Oldways provides Ambassadors with additional outreach support and exclusive materials to be able to offer cooking classes, workshops, and other community health outreach events in their areas.  

Our Students (Spotlight Series)

The thing that makes A Taste of African Heritage such a joy and success is its students.  We have been very happy to catch up with some of our graduates to learn about how the program has impacted their eating and their health.  We’re excited to share their stories with you! 

Class Photos

We’re not only grateful to our advisers, Ambassadors, and star students—we’re grateful for everyone who has taken one of our A Taste of African Heritage classes. These photos celebrate the teachers, participants, and culinary creations that have been a part of this grassroots movement and program. 

Our Partners