Changing habits to embrace health through heritage takes a community working together. The African Heritage & Health Program supports people working at all levels towards better health—doctors, educators, community health organizations, students, families, and friends—with helpful tools and innovative programs to reach people everywhere. 

1. A Taste of African Heritage Cooking Classes

The core of the African Heritage & Health program is our six-week cooking class series called A Taste of African Heritage, explained in the video above. Lead by passionate community leaders across the country, A Taste of African Heritage blends nutrition and cultural history with simple, delicious cooking techniques, to inspire a whole new way of eating – through the “old ways.” 

Based on the success of the program, we released A Children’s Taste of African Heritage in 2018, a 7-week cooking and nutrition curriculum targeted at 8-12-year-olds.

In 2019, we moved into the next phase of our heritage diet programming and began licensing it on an annual basis. Organizations interested in teaching A Taste of African Heritage or A Children’s Taste of African Heritage can license each curriculum annually, which allows the licensee to download and print the curriculum and required entrance/exit surveys. Contact us to learn more. Alternatively, organizations and interested teachers can purchase the printed adult student handbooks and teacher’s manual and children’s student handbooks and teacher’s manual in our webstore with or without a license.

2. black history month and African Heritage Dine-Around-Town

Although Oldways celebrates African heritage all year ‘round, we pay special homage every year in February, in honor of Black History Month. This annual event draws attention to the many delicious traditional flavors of Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and the American South by highlighting recipes and restaurants with African roots. 

Please visit Oldways’ recipes page and Pinterest page for ideas on what to serve for your next African heritage dish, and our Dine Around Town Page for a list of African heritage restaurants serving up exciting, diverse, and flavorful foods from across the diaspora as well as continental Africa. Please let us know if we’re missing a restaurant near you, and feel free to share your favorite dishes with us!


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Outreach. We are committed to new avenues of outreach everyday, supporting individuals and influential organizations with African Heritage Diet resources doing the important work in our communities to promote greater wellness and health. The African Heritage Pyramid is now being used by dietitians, diabetes educators, historically black colleges and universities, departments of public health, faith-based initiatives, NGOs and more. Our mission is to inspire through information, and to support that new knowledge through empowering community programs. Click here to review our free online resources for the African Heritage Diet, or visit the Oldways Store to purchase posters and brochures.

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