The African Heritage Diet is a healthy traditional eating model based on the common threads and foodways of African American ancestors. 


the african heritage diet


“This is more than just about food. This is about shaping people’s identity and how they see themselves…how they see their culture as a part of their health solution.” 

The food pyramid was created in 2011 with a committee of nutrition scientists and scholars of culinary history and African American foodways.

The overall pattern is a plant-based, colorful diet based on diverse vegetables, fruits, tubers and grains, nuts, healthy oils and seafood. Yet the African Heritage Diet also recognizes the distinct flavors and traditions of four major regions of the African Diaspora—West and Central Africa, the American South, the Caribbean, and South America. 

The African Heritage Diet Pyramid is based on scientific research that shows eating like your ancestors can help lower your risk of chronic disease, achieve a healthy weight, and promote overall wellbeing. 

A Taste of African Heritage Cooking Classes

The core of the African Heritage & Health program is our six-week cooking class series called A Taste of African Heritage, and a seven-week series for kids called A Children’s Taste of African Heritage. These curricula blend nutrition and cultural history with delicious cooking techniques in order to celebrate African heritage in communities across the country. 

Learn more about this cooking series. Find a class near you. Or, become a teacher and bring this cooking series to your own community!

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