Freekeh Rice Wraps

These wraps kick things up a notch. With thier nutty flavor, tangy peanut sauce, and crunchy vegetables, these rice wraps are filing, crunchy, and fresh-tasting. Make them as an appetizer for your next Asian-inspired dinner....

freekeh bowl with ground lamb, grilled tomatoes, and eggplant

This is a great example of how red meat can be used in moderation in the Mediterranean diet. At only 2 ounces per person, the lamb is used as a garnish, rather than the main event. Whole grain freekeh and a generous portion of vegetables round out the dish.

freekeh salad with black lentils and dried cherries

Freekeh’s smoky flavor pairs beautifully with savory roasted cauliflower and sweet-tart dried cherries. This plant-based recipe tastes good warm, chilled, or at room-temperature, making it a great, lunchbox-friendly and potluck-friendly option. ...

Freekeh Soup with Shrimp and Dates

Toasting gives grains a brilliant boost. Yet for me, during the week, this is normally one step too many. Here is where freekeh comes in handy: this almost forest-green wheat adds a roasty aroma to your dinner without actually needing to toast it. This nourishing grain and lentil soup is...


We served this tabbouleh inspired herbal salad from Bob’s Red Mill at our 2014 Whole Grains Conference, and after so many requests for the recipe from conference attendees, we knew that we had to share it....

Freekeh Brussels Sprouts

What better way to celebrate this ancient grain than with fall/winter seasonal ingredients!...

Freekeh Tomato and Arugula

This main dish superstar is laced with lemon and dill, packed with fresh vegetables and the option of chicken or tuna makes it a very satisfying salad.  Serve immediately, at room temperature or chilled.

ultimate Freekeh breakfast

Both cracked and whole freekeh make for an excellent breakfast cereal. Cooked freekeh will keep in your refrigerator for up to 5 days, so it’s readily available each morning! It can be eaten warm – like oatmeal or cold with yogurt. Be creative with what you add – fruits, cinnamon, raisins, honey...

Freekeh Stuffed Tomatoes

Quick and simple, yet very impressive for guests and oh so delicious!  Makes a great side dish, appetizer or light lunch.

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