Watch Cindy’s interview with WUSA9 in Washington, DC and hear what she has to say about whole grains. Here’s an excerpt from the article that goes with the video:

As the nation struggles with ways to promote healthier eating habits for kids, a movement is underway in the District of Columbia Public Schools to make the grains served at lunch whole and healthy. The new campaign is called, “Make Half Your Grains Whole” sponsored by the USDA. The campaign is a challenge to move away from white processed flour products and benefit from the natural properties that whole grains can offer. Cynthia Harriman with the Whole Grains Council says most of us underestimate the health benefits of whole grains, especially for kids. “In reality we’re making about 11% of our whole grains whole, and it’s even worse for kids,” says Harriman. Some of the benefits Harriman explains is their ability to help control some of the most common illnesses. “Whole grains will reduce the case of asthma, and those who have included whole grains in their diet on a regular basis have been shown to have better blood control,” Harriman explains.

What did you think? I think we’re going to have to get bodyguards for Cindy, now that she’s a huge television star. It’s going to be dangerous with all the paparazzi following her around. — Alison

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