Elizabeth Gilbert may have transformed her life through Eat, Pray, Love, but Chef Deborah Hansen is hoping you will transform a bit of your life by joining her in Spain with Oldways in November.  

As part of educating Americans about the Mediterranean Diet and foods like extra virgin olive oil in the early 1990s, Oldways created culinary travel adventures for food and health journalists, retailers and cookbook authors. Almost 25 years later, we continue to believe in the importance of culinary travel and our trips are now open to the public, giving everyone a chance to take part. Oldways “Culinarias” are extraordinary culinary tours, planned with our firm belief that the heart of any culture can be illuminated by exploring its food, wine, and culinary traditions.

In our ever-changing, complicated world, there is great value in experiencing and understanding other cultures, and the prism of food is one of the best ways to embrace other cultures. This is one reason culinary travel is important and can make a difference in how individuals see things.

Oldways has another reason to believe in the power of culinary tourism: health. With our mission to inspire healthy eating through cultural food traditions, culinary travel is an effective (and enjoyable!) cog in the wheel. Participants learn how regional products are made and how they combine to make healthy, traditional dishes and meals.

Chef Deborah Hansen

We’re so excited that Chef Deborah has agreed to join us for this weeklong culinary and cultural tour in Andalusia – the heart of southern Spain. We’ll spend time in two of Andalusia’s most vibrant and historic cities – Granada and Sevilla – and in addition to learning about Spanish cooking and ingredients like olive oil, wine, sherry, and cheese, we’ll focus on art, history, and culture with Art Curator Ronni Baer, and experience flamenco at the Flamenco Museum in Sevilla.  

We’re sure you’ll come home with a new appreciation for the elegance and vibrancy of Spanish food, culture, and lifestyle… and we will bet… you’ll fall in love with Spain and start planning your next trip!  

For more information, or to join us, click here to fill out our webform. Alternatively, contact Abby Sloane at or 617-896-4875.

Sara Baer-Sinnott, Oldways President

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