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First organized in 1991, Oldways International Symposiums are week-long explorations designed to educate opinion leaders, food and travel journalists, chefs, food importers and retailers about the cultural, culinary and touristic highlights of specific countries or regions. (Members of the public interested in similar food-and-culture tours are invited to sign up for our Culinarias.)

Each symposium is customized to its venue to raise awareness of these countries or regions by:

  • Showcasing their unique culinary traditions, foods, drinks, cooking, and cuisine.
  • Fostering relationships between American retailers and importers and local food and drink producers, resulting in increased availability of traditional foods and drinks in the US – and helping to guarantee that traditional producers can continue to make a living at their craft.
  • Generating growth in culinary tourism via post-tour media and press.

Our Symposiums include scientific presentations from local researchers and experts, cooking demonstrations and tastings, visits to artisanal producers, tours of local monuments, and marvelous meals. Our participants may hear a panel of scientists present research on diet and brain health; examine ancient Roman mosaics with an archeologist; settle into an eight-course tasting lunch – complete with how-to explanations by local chefs; then visit a farm to learn how to cure prosciutto or harvest pistachios. Oldways’ long track record of organizing these Symposiums has been instrumental in increasing interest in the Mediterranean diet’s deliciously healthy foods, drinks, and culinary history. Countries or regions visited in past Symposiums surround the Mediterranean rim – but we can organize a Symposium anywhere in the world.

The Secrets of Pantelleria (Pantelleria, 2012)
• Sicily, Heart of the Mediterranean (Sicily, 2008)
• Taste of Puglia (Puglia, 2007)
• Olivita (Puglia, 2006)
• Sicily – Reviving Heritage, Foods & Wine (Sicily, 2004)
• Legendary Salerno: Foods & Wines, Myths & History (Salerno, 2002)
• Traditions, Tastes, and Tables of Emilia Romagna (Modena Italy, 2000)
• The Heart of Puglia (Bari and Fasano, Italy, 1999)
• Liguria (San Remo, Rapallo and Genoa, 1998)
• Celebrating Puglia’s Healthy, Traditional Mediterranean Cuisines (Lecce Italy, 1995)
• International Congress on Italian Gastronomy (Rome and Florence, 1994)

• The Magic of the North Aegean (Lesbos and Chios, 1999)
• Crete, Greece, and Healthy Mediterranean Diets (Crete, 1997)
• The Foods and Wines of Greece (Porto Carras Greece, 1991)

• Cultural, Historical & Health Perspectives on Turkey’s Foods & Wines (Istanbul, 1993)

• Barcelona (Barcelona, 1996)
• Food, Culture and Discovery (Barcelona, Seville, and Madrid, 1992)

North Africa
• Morocco: Culinary Riches, Elegant Flavors (Casablanca, Fez, and Marrakech, 1994)
• Tunisia! The Splendors & Traditions of Its Cuisines & Culture (Jerba, Sfax, Tunis, 1993)

For more information about potential Oldways Symposiums, please contact Sara Baer-Sinnott, President, at 617-421-5500.