Here at Oldways we live, breathe and eat the Mediterranean Diet, so seeing these recent reports of Mediterraneans abandoning the Mediterranean Diet is, as
you can imagine, very disappointing. Since Oldways was founded, our mission has been to educate others about the health benefits and the pleasures of eating the Mediterranean Diet.  In addition to our day to day work we’ve organized countless Mediterranean Diet conferences in the US and all around the Mediterranean, even in Ancel Keys’ summer seaside hometown of Pioppi. Continuing to work and travel in a number of Mediterranean countries, this news is not shocking, although disappointing and troubling.  People all over the world continue to follow American customs and habits — from television to music to technology.  It’s possible to watch Law & Order on a remote Greek island, hear the Back Street Boys sing “I Want It That Way” in a taxi in Rome, and buy iPhone covers on the streets of Istanbul. American food habits are no exception. While in the US we are reclaiming healthy traditions like farmers markets, whole grains as the new norm,
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and olive oil on tables instead of butter, Mediterranean populations are embracing our traditions of excess and uber-convenience. I am hopeful about the health and wellness of Americans.  Healthy eating the Mediterranean way doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming, or complicated, and it is without question delicious.  Think of a box of pasta, greens, tomatoes, a small amount of cheese and olive oil — affordable, fast, easy and full of great flavor. I am also hopeful that Mediterraneans will follow our lead back into the future — the old ways.   It is our mission.  —Sara

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