A newly released study links the Mediterranean diet with a quarter reduction of heart disease risk in women, in the latest contribution to decades of research confirming the substantial benefits of this healthy lifestyle. In the study, women who followed a Mediterranean diet most closely were 28% less likely to develop heart disease than those not following a Mediterranean diet, likely related to factors including lowered inflammation, blood sugar, and body mass index.

Here’s the simple and delicious truth: though the health benefits are far-reaching, you don’t need to travel farther than your local supermarket to adopt life-changing habits.

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In addition to the food pyramid, Oldways provides a range of educational materials, healthy recipes, and more to help you follow a Mediterranean diet. 

Since releasing the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid with the Harvard School of Public Health and World Health Organization more than 25 years ago, Oldways has worked to make this way of eating – and its numerous benefits – accessible for all. At its core, the diet is plant-based, focused on healthy fats and fresh foods, and emphasizes enjoyment and moderation at the table.

Ready to get started? Oldways is here to help you incorporate Mediterranean diet habits into your life for better health:

Oldways is a food and nutrition nonprofit with a mission to inspire people to embrace the healthy and sustainable joys of the old ways of eating. We believe that food is one of the greatest gifts of heritage, and that we can learn a lot by returning to the customs of our ancestors: food made by sun, soil, water and care.  

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