Looking to switch up the menu for your holiday celebration this year? Find inspiration from cultural food traditions around the world, from the Mediterranean to the African Diaspora and beyond! 

Mediterranean: Figs Stuffed with Blue Cheese 


This elegant holiday appetizer is will wow your guests — with minimal effort! Simply slice figs and top with crumbled blue cheese, a drizzle of honey, and a pinch of rosemary. Sweet and savory, it’s sure to please a crowd and with no cooking required.

African Heritage: Sweet Potato Pumpkin Seed Casserole

Sweet Pumpkin Seed Casserole

Elevate your sweet potato casserole with citrus, apricot, and spices. With an addictively crunchy pumpkin seed topping, this casserole will soon become a part of your holiday repertoire. 

Latin American Heritage: Mosh

Mosh, a milky Guatemalan oatmeal beverage

Warm up with a mug of this sweet, cinnamon-scented drink. Mosh is a creamy, oatmeal-based beverage served for breakfast in Guatemala and other Central American countries. Our version soaks the oats overnight first, so that you can easily warm it up on the stovetop the next day.

Asian Heritage: Indonesian Red Rice

Indonesian Red Rice Salad

This vibrant red side dish will look stunning on the holiday table. With molasses, macadamia nuts, ground coriander and ginger, it delivers familiar holiday flavors in an unexpected way. Make it ahead and serve chilled or at room temperature with your meal. 

Global Whole Grains: Quinoa with Ginger and Carrots


Featured in our Whole Grains Around the World cookbook, Quinoa with Ginger and Carrots is quick and easy to put together. Featuring warm African Heritage spices and quinoa, a Latin American grain, it’s a delicious and wholesome global dish that will complement whatever you put on your holiday table. 

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