Alpine Style Cheeses

What do Gruyère AOP, Emmental AOP, Comté PDO, and Fontina PDO have in common?

All of the above are alpine style cheeses!

Alpine style cheeses are produced in mountainous regions. As the snow melts and retreats in the summer, the herds graze higher, feasting on rich grass, wild herbs, and wildflowers. The result? These cows produce milk with a signature nutty, grassy flavor.

To make alpine style cheeses, the curds from the milk are cut very finely, cooked at a high temperature, and placed in a mold that helps produce a low-moisture cheese. Later on, the aging process contributes to the cheese’s signature sweet flavor notes, and the holes, or “eyes,” that often form within it.

Le Gruyère AOP: Handcrafted


Le Gruyère AOP: Full of Flavor

Gruyere Alpine Cheese Infographic

Le Gruyère AOP is a well-known alpine style cheese. It is nutty and creamy, earthy and sweet, firm but melts beautifully—truly, it is one-of-a-kind!

Since the year 1115, it has been produced with the same time-tested recipe in a special region of Switzerland. Cheesemakers follow a strict, traditional process, using high quality ingredients and techniques passed down from generation to generation.

The infographics (above) shows what makes this cheese so remarkable.


Copper Vats in Cheesemaking

Copper Vats Cheese



Transhumance and Alp Cheese

Transhumance Alpine Cheese Infographic