The Oldways Cheese Coalition (OCC) is an international membership organization of cheesemakers, distributors, retailers, and cheese lovers promoting raw milk and other traditional cheeses. Formerly known as the Cheese of Choice Coalition, since 1999, we have advocated for traditional cheeses as safe, delicious, and culturally and historically significant. We work to ensure that traditional cheeses and artisanal cheesemaking practices are maintained for future generations. 

Your support helps us organize our annual International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciaton Day events around the world. 

Cheese Lover Donations

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Show your support with a pair of Oldways Cheese Coalition Socks 

Love cheese? Donations in any amount from “cheese lovers” help the Oldways Cheese Coalition support, protect, and celebrate traditional and raw milk cheesemaking.  Make a donation online or contact us at for more information.

You can also support the coalition, and show your love of cheese, with a pair of Oldways Cheese Coalition socks!