The Challenge Begins January 1, 2024

It’s the perfect time to commit to healthy eating. You won’t have to do it alone!

How Heritage Diets Are Similar

Take our challenge in January and follow an easy, delicious, 4-week meal plan. It’s an easy, supportive way to create lasting healthy eating habits.

  • Get a copy of the 28-day Make Every Day Mediterranean menu plan book (download an e-book instantly!)
  • Join our Facebook group to connect with others who have adopted this way of eating
  • Begin following the meal plan in the book. Check the Facebook group daily for tips and enouragement along the way. Plus, post your own questions, successes, challenges in the group to start a conversation with other members! 

Plus, all heritage diets are more alike than different! Start off the new year by discovering the foundations of the Mediterranean Diet, which can easily be applied to the Asian Heritage Diet, African Heritage Diet, and the Latin American Heritage Diet. All of these plant-based eating patterns are just as delicious as they are nutritious.

Get your copy of the 28-day menu plan 

Join our online community, the Make Every Day Mediterranean Facebook group

Oldways Mediterranean Challenge 2022 Vlog 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase the book to participate in the Challenge?

Yes. The challenge will closely follow Oldways’ Make Every Day Mediterranean 4-Week Menu Plan Book, day by day and meal by meal. 

Do I need to use Facebook in order to participate in the challenge?  

We invite everyone to follow along the 4-week menu plan book, whether or not you are a Facebook user. However, our group discussions will take place on Facebook. In order to view and take part in discussions, you must have a Facebook account and request to join the Make Every Day Mediterranean Club group on Facebook.   

Is this challenge vegetarian or vegan?  

No. The menu plan book includes recipes that contain seafood and meat, alongside plant-based recipes.  

Is this challenge gluten-free?  

No. The menu plan book includes recipes that contain gluten. 

Is the Mediterranean Diet Challenge keto-friendly? 


I have [name of medical condition]. Will the menu plan work for my health needs? 

Please consult your healthcare providers with any questions or concerns before beginning the menu plan. 

Is the menu plan book suitable for one person? How many servings does each recipe make? 

Most of the recipes make 2-4 portions. If you are cooking for one, you can save leftovers, and skip some of the recipes in place of leftovers. You can also scale the recipes up or down. If you have questions about adapting the recipes for larger or smaller families, please post your question in the Facebook group. 

Can I substitute ingredient for ingredient?  

It is fine to make ingredient substitutions, but Oldways has tested the recipes only as they are written. We can’t guarantee a success for every substitution! The Facebook community is a wonderful resource for questions about substitutions. Post your question there, and the community will chime in with ideas and suggestions.  

If you have an allergy to a certain ingredient, you may be able to eliminate that ingredient, or substitute another ingredient in its place. Alternatively, you may wish to skip that particular recipe and cook another recipe from the book in its place.

Is the menu plan book a weight loss plan? 

People use our menu plan book for a variety of reasons— to eat more vegetables and whole grains, to learn new recipes, to enjoy Mediterranean flavors, and more.  

Each recipe in the menu plan book has fewer than 500 calories, which will constitute a weight-loss diet for most people. If weight loss is not your goal, check out the “extras” in the Bonus Pages section of the book for snacks to supplement the meal plan. 

 Is there a weekly grocery shopping list associated with the menu plan book? 



I’m up for a challenge
Maria Marin
I purchased your book a little while back am excited to take part in this challenge!
Alison Bowling
I am new to this and hope to be able to manage it by the January start! I am caregiver for my husband who has Parkinson's and dementia so my time is not really my time!
Hello, I am in the same situation as you. I am the primary caregiver for my husband who has Alzheimer’s. I’m looking forward to getting the book I just ordered it today. The Mediterranean Diet is highly recommended by his doctors. I’ll try the challenge but looking forward to eating healthy for both of us. Praying for you in this journey your on with your husband.
Suzi Williams
My husband has PSP a Parkinsonism. My time isn’t always mine, either. But this is pretty easy
Tamara Tinsman
Excited to do this!
Lula Beard
I am looking forward to a new way of living.
Kathleen Dunn
Purchased paperback copy. Looking forward to getting started!
Looking forward to this challenge
Lucille Cavan
I am excited!
Robin Lindemuth
It’s time for me to take the plunge!
Anna P
Looking forward to joining everyone!
Bought the book today- ready and willing
Looking forward to getting back on track with a healthy eating plan. Ordered paperback.
Amy Stewart
Ready to get started!
Linda Burgess
I'm ready to give it a go.
Trish Jensen
I so need this. I bought this after being diagnosed with breast cancer but having problems getting the meal planning down. It will be nice having some support and guidance.
Brilliant idea! Looking forward to starting the year off right!
Wendy Dickerman
Hello! I ordered 2 copies (one for a friend). How do I send her hers? Thank you, Wendy
Hi Wendy, if you ordered the E-book versions you will receive an email for each that will contain a link to download the PDF. One of those emails should go to your friend. Hope you both enjoy the book and the challenge!
Lynne McPhee
I'm excited to get new tasty recipes from the booklet! I can use this to trim some weight as well.
I downloaded the newest version of the book to Kindle last year. I also have a printed copy of the one before that. I tried to do another challenge but didn't last. I want this to be my new way of life. I am in 100%, keeping in mind, life happens. Oldest is the greatest!
Ann D.
Just ordered the book. Not sure how much of a prescribed menu I can follow since I am cooking for family members with food allergy, low sodium needs, and vegan. But, what I love about Mediterranean is the flexibility!
Exactly! Hope you all enjoy. Thanks for your comment.
Looking forward to the Challenge starting Jan 4, 2021.
Susan Cucuzza
My husband Tom and I are looking forward to this challenge. What a great way to begin the new year!
Carol A.
I have LPR and was told my diet should be primarily Mediterranean. I’m looking forward to following along on this challenge.
Bob P
Looking forward to this!
Denise R.
Looking forward to the challenge. I got the paperback book, not the e-book, so I assume it’s the same since someone (Rosalyn) said she downloaded the “newest” version. I ordered the book a month or two ago directly from Oldways.
Hi Denise, yes it is the same! So glad you'll be joining us for the challenge.
Ryan McKee
I am hoping to start a path toward optimal health.
Hi. I'm looking forward to this, but I don't eat fish. Hoping I'll be able to make healthy substitutes.
David S
Bring it on
I've tried everything else. Why not this too?
Nan W
way ready!
Looking forward to learning some new vegetable recipes.
Sandy H
Looking forward to taking the Challenge. Hope my book arrives in time I prefer to make notes on my recipe pages after trying each
Carol C
I am looking forward to this Mediterranean diet challenge. Bring it on!
Lisa H
are the lunch recipes make ahead recipes that are easy to take to work to eat?
Hi Lisa! Yes, breakfasts and lunches during the week are made simple to fit a busy schedule! Many of the lunches utilize leftovers from the previous day, so they'll be easy to put together and take with you to work.
Delilah H
I am looking for a way to offset the menopause weight gain struggle. I already exercise the recommended amount and then some but over time my diet has started to match my preteens’. So, I’m excited to give this way of eating a go to hopefully improve mine and my families diet!
Earnie Lumpkins
The book is ordered and I've requested to join the Facebook group. I look forward to this.
I am excited to begin the New Year with this and make it a year of health!
Lorri Miller
Hubby and I are joining the 4 week challenge; hears to improved health.
Christine Marsh...
I am looking forward to this. It will be a fun challenge to take my mind off a cold New England winter.
You will feel like you are traveling through the Mediterranean!
Ordered paperback today. May get it too late for day one but I’m excited to start
Looking forward to some new eating habits. We have gone carb and sugar crazy during lockdown.
I am excited for the challenge in order to begin eating healthy and feeling better.

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