Join us as we commemorate Black History Month in February with a celebration of the African Heritage Diet. This way of eating is based on the healthy food traditions of people with African roots. Drawing inspiration from four regions of the African Diaspora—West and Central Africa, the American South, the Caribbean, and South America—it is powerfully nutritious and delicious, and naturally meets the guidelines experts recommend for supporting good health.


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All month long, we will be featuring delicious recipes alongside information about the amazing nutritional benefits of the African Heritage Diet. To join us, be sure to follow us on Instagram at @Oldways_PT and @Oldways_atasteofheritageEach week, we have an exciting lineup of informational videos, recipe how-to’s, Instagram Live conversations, and cookbook giveaways hosted on our Instagram accounts.

Here’s a preview of what to expect!

Week 1: Heart Health

The African Heritage Diet emphasizes ingredients and preparations that can help you keep your heart healthy. During the first week of Black History Month, we’ll shine a spotlight on all the heart-healthy aspects of this way of eating. Stay tuned on Instagram! On February 3rd, we’ll have an exciting Instagram Live with Taste of African Heritage Ambassador Glorya Fernandez, who will discuss heart health with us.

Week 2: Grocery Shopping
ig live with Glorya

This week, we’ll talk all about grocery shopping, covering ways to make grocery shopping easier, how to find African Heritage ingredients in the store, and more.  

And mark your calendars for February 8th! Join us for an Instagram Live conversation with A Taste of African Heritage Ambassador Angela Ledyard, all about grocery shopping.

Week 3: Cooking & Recipes

This week, we’ll talk about some of our favorite African Heritage recipes—as well as some of our favorite cookbooks on the subject! Be sure to weigh in and tell us your favorite recipes, and the cookbooks that you’ve been loving lately.

Join us on February 16th as we talk about cooking with A Taste of African Heritage Ambassador Tiffany Davis on Instagram Live. Then, tune in for another Live on February 18th on the subject with A Taste of African Heritage Ambassador Shirelle Boyd!

Read about Tiffany’s experience teaching A Taste of African Heritage!

Week 4: Science & Research

The African Heritage Diet is delicious, and its many nutritional benefits are backed by research! This week, we’ll talk all about the science and research behind this way of eating. On February 24th, we’ll discuss tips for healthy eating on Instagram Live with A Taste of African Heritage Ambassador Elyce Lloyd.

Join us for a Webinar


In honor of Black History Month, this session celebrates the culinary influences of the African Diaspora, and how African heritage foods can be incorporated to reduce health disparities and improve overall nutrition. Dr. Samara Sterling will share research on guidance and best practices for leveraging African Heritage foods to reduce health disparities. Finally, Adante Hart, MPH, RDN, LDN will share a case study of how African Heritage diet interventions can be applied to improve health outcomes. Attendees will walk away better equipped to support clients’ cultural preferences.

Eligible for 1 CPEU for Registered Dietitians.

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More Ways to Celebrate

Take an Online Cooking & Nutrition Course about the African Heritage Diet

Get recipes, cooking techniques, and learn about the culture and history of the African Diaspora!

This exciting new e-course gives you the full experience of our 6-lesson cooking series—from your own home, on your own timeline. With each lesson, learn recipes (Mafe, Jollof Rice, Tangy Collard Greens), cultural history, nutrition concepts, and cooking skills related to the African Heritage Diet. 

The lessons are recorded by a variety of experienced A Taste of African Heritage instructors, and include videos, cooking demos, printable recipes and handouts, and discussion boards where you can talk with fellow students. 

Of course, we’re still offering live classes in communities across the country, and we encourage anyone to become an instructor and teach the class in their community

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