The 21st century is an incredible time to live, don’t you think? We have information and tools at our fingertips, and we have the opportunity to learn things from each other like never before. But, in this hyper-information age, dis-information is as prevalent as ever, as well.

With the proliferation of nutrition information online, in print, and on TV and radio, confusion rather than clarity about health-related topics can often result. But have no fear it is Oldways to the rescue!

Our goal at Oldways and the Oldways Nutrition Exchange (ONE) has always been to provide relevant, well-researched, and vetted information written in an easy-to-understand manner. With ONE, we do this through themed “Toolkits” composed of resources addressing issues around that particular theme. One of our more popular Toolkits, Nutrition Myths Exposed, provides answers to common myths and misperception surrounding food and nutrition. Because of its popularity, we decided to offer a second kit, debunking even more myths and clearing up a host of misperceptions.

We shed new light on the science behind cholesterol and eggs. Did you know that the cholesterol in food contributes very little to the cholesterol found in our bodies, so that eggs are actually healthy for you?

And what about a gluten-free diet? It’s all the rage now with starlets and writers denouncing wheat and whole grains. However, research has shown that unless someone suffers from celiac disease, whole grains are still a healthy choice and can actually reduce chronic inflammation, a cause of many health issues from heart disease to obesity.

We invite you to take a look at this month’s Toolkits – Nutrition Myths Exposed and Inflammation Fighters – they’re filled with resources that may answer that burning question you had about diets, nutrition, and your favorite foods.

We’d love to hear about any myths and misperceptions about nutrition that you’ve come across recently; or if you need clarification on a health issue, let us know! Please drop me a line at


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