Tiffany Davis

Becoming an A Taste of African Heritage teacher, and now an Oldways Ambassador, has allowed my love of food, community/family and health to come together.  I see, hear, and live (through family members) the health disparities within my community.  I now have a platform to show people how to choose healthy food, cook at home, and enjoy a better life.  I am teaching classes at the Clemson Area African American Museum, my favorite class recipe is the Senegalese Sweet Potato Stew, and I enjoy meeting new people. My desire is to continue as an Oldways Ambassador to share this important message about culture, health, and overall wellbeing.  

I will earn my certificate in Nutrition and Health with a focus on macronutrients in October 2015.  The class also delves into diabetes, health, and  weight management. In early 2016 I  will earn my certificate in Nutrition and Health  with a focus on micronutrients. I know the information I have and will gain will be a positive addition to the cooking series and to my community.

You can find me on the Oldways YouTube Channel. I chronicled my first class, in 2013. There you will see cooking videos and reviews about the ATOAH cooking series. 

Thank you, Oldways, and your message of health through heritage, for allowing me to share a little of myself because I love what I do!

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