Thank you for your interest in becoming A Taste of African Heritage (ATOAH) or A Children’s Taste of African Heritage (ACTOAH) instructor in your community! If you haven’t already, please be sure to fill out our ATOAH Teacher SIgn-Up form, so that we can schedule a phone call to discuss the program with you.


Teacher Training for ATOAH & ACTOAH

  1. Watch the entire (56-minute) webinar video above to begin the course. (If you’d like, you can follow along with handouts of the slides from the webinar video, or print them to refer back to.)
  2. To complete the course, please take our short Teacher Training Quiz.  
  3. Finally, download Oldways’ Certificate of Completion for this course.  We can also mail the certificate to you after you have confirmed logistical details with us for teaching a class series. 
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More Resources for Teachers

Getting Ready For Your Class


Working With Your Students


Lesson-by-Lesson Tips for Teaching


Further Reading on African Heritage Food & Culture 

Digital Library: Online Resources for Teaching ACTOAH

Lesson 4 (Whole Grains)

  • #4-1: VIDEO of How West Africans pop sorghum for a snack (2 ½ minutes)
  • #4-2: VIDEO of How Injera is made (4 minutes)
  • #4-3: VIDEO of How Senegalese chef Pierre Thiam cooks fonio and explains how many popular foods in the South came from Africa (2 ½ minutes)

Lesson 5 (Beans and Rice)

  • #5-1: SONG — Clifford Owusu’s song “Your Jollof” (4 minutes)