Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Brenda Atchison continues to live in her Roxbury community. As a volunteer, social entrepreneur and activist, she contributes her skills and expertise to numerous non-profit organizations.

As an Ambassador for A Taste of African Heritage cooking, Brenda is committed to sharing her joy for ancestral heritage and healthy food with her community. She melds her experience in West African cooking with her knowledge of important health issues facing Americans to introduce tasteful and nutritious alternatives into our daily lives. Brenda believes that food and nutrition are vital to achieving the best possible outcome for the future of aging and has taught the A Taste of African Heritage cooking curriculum within her community since 2017. 

Concerned about health outcomes and disparities as well as quality of life issues, Brenda focuses on living our best lives as we age. She is an advocate for building intergenerational connections and changing the narrative on aging, especially in communities of color.


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