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I had my struggles with weight in the past and really needed to make some lifestyle changes. My struggles were the result of unhealthy meals that I grew up on, stress, and falling into that trap of what everyone else around me was eating. Things needed to change as I was becoming another patient with health issues. 

The change started with me turning into my biggest health advocate and taking more control of myself.  Through the years, I became a certified personal trainer, health coach, and a yoga instructor. I created a lifestyle consisting of fun fitness, awesome food, and nourishing my mental well-being.  

I began creating healthier meals and always look for new foods to try.  One day, while enjoying a new health book, I discovered Oldways.  The light bulb went off – new recipes and the ability to teach others.  I contacted Oldways to become an A Taste of African Heritage teacher and loved it.

This program and its cultural history deeply tie into my passion for health and nutrition.  Prior to the program, I was always sharing with people that changes in our traditional ethnic eating habits does not mean that the food will lose flavor or its origin.  But, it would be going back to its basic form; before the industrial revolution and all of these chemically enhanced items. One of my favorite quotes is: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates.

Preparing delicious and healthy meals isn’t as difficult or any more time-consuming as people make it out to be. You spend more time waiting in line at a drive-thru fast-food spot than preparing some of the dishes provided by A Taste of African Heritage. I teach and show people that food should look and taste amazing. We are what we eat, right? 


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