Our African Heritage Grocery Store Tour teaches shoppers how to navigate supermarket aisles and select foods from the African Heritage Diet Pyramid.  Along with the tour kit, we’ve also included a PowerPoint presentation and our African Heritage 101 brochures.

1. African Heritage Grocery Store Tour Kit


download PDF


  • African Heritage Diet Pyramid flyer (you can also purchase the full-sized poster)
  • Leader guide with key points & fun facts to guide discussion
  • 3 Visual Aid handouts to supplement discussion
  • African Heritage Grocery List (make copies for your participants!)
  • 3 Demo Recipes (make copies for your participants!)
    • Oldways “After-Chop” Fruit Salad (no cooking required; about 10 minutes)
    • Cold Black-Eyed Pea Salad (no cooking required; about 20 minutes)
    • “Mafe” Sweet Potato Peanut Stew (about 35 minutes)

2. African Heritage 101 Brochure

Download PDF

We recommend making copies of these for each of your tour participants. You can also order a bundle of brochures in our webstore.

3. Optional introductory PowerPoint Presentation

download PPT

If a seating area can be arranged, you can start or end the tour with a general discussion on the African Heritage Diet and/or go through the African Heritage Diet PowerPoint provided with this kit.