Traditional diets offer a delicious roadmap to healthy eating. Rather than relying on highly processed foods that are stripped of their nutrients, flavor, and even calories, traditional diets celebrate the abundance of earth’s offerings, highlighting seasonal and regional produce, hearty recipes, and the pleasures of the table.

Oldways’ collection of heritage diets began when we created the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid in 1993 with the Harvard School of Public Health, and the WHO signing on in 1994. Later, we created and introduced a series of scientifically based cultural models for healthy eating: Asian Diet Pyramid (1995), Latin American Diet Pyramid (1996), and Vegetarian Diet Pyramid (1997) and African Heritage Diet Pyramid (2011). 

Scientific studies have found that following heritage diets can help you achieve weight management goals, lower your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, and reduce the risk of certain cancers and other chronic diseases, such as diabetes. An added benefit: They’re easy, affordable, and delicious! 

Want to make heritage diets part of your lifestyle? We’re here to help!