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Springtime in the Mediterranean is heavenly. It makes us think of bright red poppies against stone walls and the iconic Trulli in Puglia, blue skies and equally blue Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, and markets from Barcelona to Istanbul full of springtime produce like fava beans, spring peas, artichokes, asparagus, zucchini and zucchini flowers, figs, lemons, cherries, apricots, strawberries, and so much more. 

Springtime also gives us a yearning to travel in the Mediterranean again. For years, Oldways has ventured to the Mediterranean in spring months for Oldways Culinarias, carefully curated week-long itineraries filled with unforgettable cultural and culinary experiences.  We’ve traveled all over Italy from north to south or from Piedmont, Lombardy and the Veneto to Puglia, Sicily and Pantelleria, and spectacular spots like Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Umbria, and Campania in between. Spain (Madrid, Granada, and Seville), Greece (Thessaloniki, Crete and Athens), Turkey (Istanbul, Gaziantep, Izmir, Selçuk), Morocco (Marrakech and Fes) as well as Cyprus are breathtaking Mediterranean places we’ve explored, loved, and learned about. 

Based on Oldways’ mission to inspire people to embrace the healthy, sustainable joys of the old ways of eating, the Culinarias give travelers once-in-a-lifetime experiences in kitchens, farms, wineries, and at the artisanal olive oil, pasta, and cheese producers that define the areas’ culinary and cultural heritages. Each trip also features a well-known culinary expert, chef, or cookbook author intimately familiar with the regional cuisine, who cooks, teaches, and tours alongside.   

Each trip inevitably features some insider knowledge or cooking tip (or trick) from our chef experts.  If you’ve already traveled on Oldways Culinarias, you may have learned from Chef Ana Sortun the best way to seed a pomegranate, and her trick for perfectly dicing an onion, or from cookbook author, teacher and journalist Aglaia Kremezi, how to roll out homemade phyllo, or from Chefs Kevin O’Donnell and Michael Lombardi, how best to roll out and cut pasta dough. 

There are many vivid memories from Culinarias in the past, and certainly many more to come in the years ahead. Some moments will be new, some will be familiar, recaptured memories like truffle hunting in Umbria, meeting up with 300 goats atop a grove of olive trees in Andalusia, kissing a cow in the Veneto, being invited for meals in the homes of winemakers and cheese producers in Lecce and Parma, having a potluck lunch prepared by 25 home cooks in Gaziantep, Turkey, and many more. Of course, it’s practically impossible to relay the pleasure and great joy of these unforgettable moments. Instead, you will just have to join us and have your own “pinch-me” moment! 

After more than a year of not traveling, are you itching to explore, learn and enjoy the foods and wines of places beyond your pod? 

Join us in 2022 for Oldways Culinarias that will feed your soul, nourish your mind, and delight your palate! In addition to four Mediterranean locations—Turkey, PortugalUmbria and Naples + Amalfi in Italy— we’ll also be exploring Thailand, the Low Country in South Carolina and Georgia, and New York’s Hudson Valley.  

Wherever your travel plans take you, we hope you’ll join us in our Facebook group for travelers. It’s the perfect place to share tips and recommendations, ask questions, and dream up your next trip. 

Email or call us with questions! Here’s what travelers have said about their Oldways Culinaria experiences!  

“The presentation at lunch on the first day was worth the cost of admission alone.”
Traveler to Sicily, Italy

“This type of tour attracts people of like passions and automatically creates a friendly tour environment.”
Traveler to the Veneto, Italy

“You all worked together to make it a memorable trip where we only had to show up and enjoy the experience. That is no easy feat.”
Traveler to Morocco 

“Our tour group got along famously…The people who join are of like minds. Their passions and hobbies are similar as well as their attention to the details of the ingredients of a dish, to the presentation of the meal, and pairing of the wine. In four words: We had a blast.” Traveler to Veneto, Italy

“The tour you created was pure magic. So much delicious food, working hand in hand with valuable knowledge and helpful cooking techniques. The perfect trifecta!” Traveler to Veneto, Italy 

“Having been on several Oldways trips the “trip chefs” were a definite bonus. They answered questions about the foods, procurement, history and numerous other questions you think of when reading cookbooks but can’t ask. They help me understand the background of foods and how they evolve in today’s world.” 
Traveler to Istanbul, Piedmont, Sicily, and Tuscany

“My first Oldways travel trip won’t be my last. Fabulous adventure with a stellar cast!”  Traveler to Veneto, Italy 

“It’s great to be able to put the food into a cultural context and to see it in its natural home. There are often other unexpected bonuses, too. When my daughter and I went to Piedmont with Oldways we met people who remembered WWII and we saw things like escape tunnels built into wine cellars. Experiences like that make Oldways tours different from a ‘normal’ tour: They try to connect you to the people on a personal level. We love traveling with Oldways!”
Traveler to Piedmont 

“Travelers whom we met on more than one trip have become friends. We exchanged email addresses and some we see on a regular basis when we’re in the same part of the country.” Traveler to Istanbul, Piedmont, Sicily, and Tuscany 

“I have been looking through old notes from Oldways conferences in my spare COVID time and realize how much the Mediterranean diet ideas changed not only the way our family eats but also has given rise to new ways of treating the anorexic and bulimic patients we see.” Longtime Oldways Culinaria traveler

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