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Whether it be oatmeal for breakfast, a farro and quinoa bowl for lunch, or whole wheat lasagna for dinner, seeking out whole grain options is a great way to crank up the flavor and nutritional value of your meal. Here at Oldways, we think each and every day should be celebrated with whole grains. That’s why we dedicate the last Wednesday of March to getting whole grain foods into the hands (and tummies) of consumers all over the country by throwing a giant sampling party.

Whole Grains Around the Country

Next week, on Wednesday 28th, we invite you to join us in celebrating the 7th annual Whole Grain Sampling Day! Restaurants, supermarkets, universities, and food manufacturers will be hosting live sampling events throughout the day at locations all around the country. To find out if a store or school near you is participating, check out our interactive map:

Interactive Map of Whole Grain Sampling Day Events

And for those of you who don’t live close to one of the live events, many of your favorite food companies will be taking the celebration online with Whole Grain Sampling Day giveaways and contests on social media:

  • Grainful will be doing a social media giveaway of their products. Visit their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts on Whole Grain Sampling Day for more details.
  • Jovial will be doing a social media giveaway of their products. Visit their Facebook and Twitter accounts on Whole Grain Sampling Day for more details.
  • Mockmill will be randomly giving away a Mockmill 100 to social media followers. To enter, follow both @OldwaysPT & @Mockmill on Twitter and retweet the prize post on that day, and/or like both the Oldways & Mockmill pages on Facebook, and like the Oldways prize post on that day.
  • Modern Oats will be offering 20% off online orders of their products on Whole Grain Sampling Day only. Use the promo code: WHOLEGRAIN when ordering on March 28th. 

Whole Grains Around the World

One of the reasons we love whole grains so much is that they are a part of traditional diets in almost every corner of the globe, which means that the possibilities are practically endless when it comes to finding new ways to prepare and enjoy them. No matter where you live, or what your heritage is, chances are that whole grains have been an important part of the culinary traditions that have shaped your history. Having a chance to experience the amazing variety of grains available and seeing how creatively they can be incorporated into your favorite dishes is one of the things many people tell us they love most about Whole Grain Sampling Day. 

If you’re looking to take home a little Whole Grain Sampling Day inspiration for your own kitchen, we invite you to treat yourself to a copy of our new Whole Grains Around the World four-week menu-plan book. Each week’s menu focuses on the whole grain dishes traditional to a different heritage diet: Mediterranean, African, Latin American, and Asian. With recipes featuring freekeh, farro, amaranth, and millet, this book will expand your grain horizons and take you on a culinary journey beyond the basics of brown rice and whole wheat bread. 

Collage from Whole Grain Sampling Day

No matter where you are on Wednesday, we hope you indulge in something delightfully whole grain. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter that day and tell us how you’re nourishing the whole grain enthusiast in you! 

Caroline Sluyter, Program Director, Whole Grains Council

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