For sixteen years I held a position as a classified employee for a local school district as a Parent Advisor. I completed my BA in Human Development at Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, CA. As a seasoned Parent Educator, I applied and completed my Master in Education Leadership with a teaching credential in Adult Education. I am currently an adjunct professor at Folsom Lake College, at their Rancho Cordova Center, teaching Human Career Development courses. 
What led me to becoming an ATOAH Teacher was my own health. Several of my friends met over a few months and created a program called African American Women’s Health Legacy (AAWHL). We were each Parent Educators who had not been successful accessing African American families to empower them in the area of educational outcomes. We discussed how we could make the biggest difference in the lives of our community. We set out to shift our objectives and focus on diabetes, hypertension, obesity and mental health. We found out about Oldways and requested to learn more about the history behind the program. I personally suffer from obesity, diabetes, hypertension and mental wellness challenges. I made a decision that I wanted to support this effort for my own health as well as my community. Currently, I have taught two classes and absolutely loved every minute.  It has made a tremendous difference for my life as well as for my community. My favorite dish is Oldways Sweet Potatoe Peanut Stew (Mafe) from West Africa.

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