Carrye Brown

An obligation to do a Black History presentation in my church in Washington, DC started my journey to the ATOAH Program.  My husband, Larry and I selected the topic of “Food eaten during the middle passage by African enslaved people to America.”  Our goal was to highlight healthy foods that sustained enslaved people as a way of motivating our congregation to eat healthier.  After an internet search, the ATOAH program popped up.  Since that presentation went so well, I have taught additional classes at the Hattie Holmes Senior Wellness Center and Frederick Douglass Head Start Child Care Center.  My goal is to reach further into my community with the ATOAH program through collaborations with other health and wellness programs.  Working with Sarah, and now also with Sade, has been an uplifting experience.  Learning new food recipes, including my favorite dishes of lentils and veggie soups has been a deliciously fun experience.  For more than two years, I have been an ATOAH advocate because the program speaks deeply to my heart about health and wellness for African Americans and others.

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