Here at Oldways, we’re having conversations with food and nutrition experts from around the world. Learn more about cultural food traditions, heritage diets, and whole grains by watching the videos below.


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Study Abroad for Dietitians

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Take your nutrition career to the next level through travel! Study abroad programs for dietitians, like the week-long culinary tours offered by Oldways, help dietitians gain a richer understanding of cultural foods, the food system, and food traditions, all while enjoying the trip of a lifetime and earning CPEU credits


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A Conversation with Dariush Mozaffarian, MD, DrPH

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In this interview, Sara Baer-Sinnott and Dariush Mozaffarian, MD, DrPH, discuss the state of healthy eating, common misconceptions about nutrition and healthy living, as well as healthy eating patterns such as the Mediterranean Diet.


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The Mediterranean Diet: Traditional Foods for a Plant-Based Future

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The Mediterranean Diet goes hand-in-hand with the plant-based diet. In this Instagram Live interview, Ellen Kanner, the Soulful Vegan, discusses some of her favorite vegan Mediterranean foods, and shows off a 100% plant-based tapas plate.


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Q&A with Hsiao-Ching Chou

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Author and cooking teacher Hsiao-Ching Chou discusses her cookbooks, Chinese Soul Food and Vegetarian Chinese Soul Food, as well as tips for home cooks for cooking with tofu, vegetables, and other plant-based ingredients.


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Beans and Pulses on the Mediterranean Diet, with Dr. Marta Garaulet

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Beans and pulses are delicious, good for you, and a staple of the Mediterranean Diet. In this Instagram Live interview, Dr. Marta Garaulet answers common questions about beans and pulses.

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Healthy Mediterranean Pasta Meals with Sheela Prakash, RD

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In this Instagram Live broadcast, Sheela Prakash, RD, discusses how delicious pasta meals fit into the Mediterranean Diet.

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Mediterranean Diet Q&A with Jenna Helwig

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In this Instagram Live broadcast, Jenna Helwig, Food Director at Real Simple magazine, discusses the Mediterranean Diet with Oldways’ Director of Nutrition.

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Plant Based Diet Q&A with Sharon Palmer, RD

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In this Instagram Live broadcast, Sharon Palmer, RD, the Plant Powered Dietitian, answers frequently asked questions about plant based eating, including sustainability, tips for beginners, and how to encourage picky eaters to try plant based foods.

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A Look Back at the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid with Dr. Walter Willett

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Dr. Walter Willett of the Harvard School of Public Health takes a look back at the creation of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid with Oldways President Sara Baer-Sinnott. They also discuss the EAT Lancet report, the Predimed study, as well as some of their favorite Mediterranean Diet foods, and common misconceptions people hold about this way of eating.


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A Q&A with Chef Pierre Thiam

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In this Instagram Live broadcast, Chef Pierre Thiam joins Oldways’ Sarah Anderson for a discussion about the ancient grain fonio, Senegalese cuisine, and the African Heritage Diet. In the second half of this interview, the chef demonstrates how to prepare a delicious beet and fonio salad recipe.


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A Q&A with Toni Tipton-Martin

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In this Instagram Live broadcast, African Heritage & Health advisor Toni Tipton-Martin joins Oldways’ Sarah Anderson. They discuss the African Heritage Diet Pyramid, the process of cookbook writing and editing a major food publication. Toni Tipton-Martin is a two-time James Beard Award winning author of The Jemima Code and Jubilee, and the editor-in-chief of Cook’s Country.