The Mediterranean diet has long been recognized by doctors and dietitians everywhere as a balanced and healthy way to eat. You can show your shoppers just how easy and affordable it is, too, with these resources. Use them during Mediterranean Diet Month in May or anytime of the year — you’ll have everything you need for community and in-store presentations, tastings, store tours, cooking demos and more!


This PowerPoint brings the Mediterranean diet to life, with lots of specifics on the foods that make up this healthy eating pattern. Use the full 29-slide version, or (when time is restricted) remove slides 15-25 to easily create a shorter presentation. Whether you’re appearing at a community event or presenting in the store, this PowerPoint will fill your needs.

Med Diet and Health

Over the last half century, hundreds if not thousands of rigorous studies have documented benefits of the Mediterranean diet and similar traditional, largely plant-based diets. Out of this extensive work has come an understanding that Mediterranean-style eating patterns are remarkably well-linked with lifelong good health, as detailed in this resource.

This two-page resource includes:
• Med Diet & Good Health handout
• Backgrounder for RDs, with recent studies


There’s no need for shoppers to travel halfway around the world to enjoy the delicious and healthy tastes of the Mediterranean Diet. This Store Tour will help you introduce them to Mediterranean choices in every aisle.

This six-page resource includes:
• Leader’s Guide for store tour (2 pages)
• Tour announcement sign template
• Mediterranean Diet Pyramid handout
• Aisle by Aisle Mediterranean grocery list handout
• 8 Simple Steps to Good Health handout


Cheese tastings allow shoppers to try different types of traditional cheeses they might not choose on their own. Talk with your store’s deli or prepared foods manager to decide on the cheese to use for the tasting, any accompanying foods you’ll provide in the tasting, and how to best merchandise the cheeses used in the tasting.

This four-page resource includes:
• Leader’s Guide for cheese tasting (1 page)
• Cheese tasting announcement sign template
• Cheese 101 handout
• Cheese tasting notes handout


Cooking demos help shoppers see how a recipe can be quickly and easily turned into a delicious dish. You can help shoppers feel confident about their ability to turn simple ingredients into a meal – and let them taste the finished product – while you impart useful information about food and health.

This twelve-page resource includes:
• Leader’s Guide for cooking demos (1 page)
• Cooking demo announcement sign template
• Salade Niçoise (recipe handout and 2-page leader guide)
• Pasta Fruit Walnut Salad (recipe handout and 2-page leader guide)
• Lemon Basil Whole Grain Salad (recipe handout and 2-page leader guide)
• In-store Sampling Ideas

Social Media Resource
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These Tweet ideas coordinate well with the resources in this Shop and Taste the Med Diet Toolkit.