A balanced diet, physical activity and mindful eating can all contribute to dropping extra pounds. This toolkit is filled with resources to help educate shoppers about sensible weight loss for children and adults alike. Included are backgrounders on the latest research, tips for organizing kitchens to be more diet and health friendly, a store guide to healthy foods, a quiz, recipes and more.

Happy Baby

Nearly 32% of American youth are overweight or obese, occurring in some children as young as two! We’ve rounded up the research and organized it by age group so you’ll be able to advise parents on strategies for raising healthy kids.

Family at Table

Can obesity be traced solely to overeating? Intriguing recent studies hint at the wide spectrum of issues surrounding obesity including food additives, sleep duration, early protein consumption as well as family dynamics. Links to the research are included.

Shopper in Grocery Store

The grocery store is brimming with healthy food choices, and this guide takes a tour around the perimeter and inner aisles to show shoppers how to choose healthier options. So whether it’s fresh fruit or frozen, lean meat or tofu, shoppers can identify what’s best for their dietary needs. As a bonus, we’ve thrown in tips and ideas – from how to reduce sodium in canned beans to making an easy and quick tomato sauce from pantry items.

Food Label

Deciphering food labels is key to controlling the intake of fats, sugar, sodium and extra calories. This resource explains the ins and outs of the Nutrition Facts label, the importance of reading the ingredient list, and how to avoid the traps of buzz words like “low fat” and “light.”

Man Running Illustration

Written for RDs by an RD, this resource will help you run a weight loss support group for your corporate wellness or community outreach program. Use the sample Promo Sheet to help get the word out to fellow employees or your customers. Thank you to Pat Hunter from Hannaford Supermarket for sharing this information with us.

Fruit and Yogurt Snack

Low fat, gluten free, grain free…what’s the best diet for shedding a few pounds? With this easy quiz you can educate shoppers about some of the myths surrounding fad diets. Answers explain the role that healthy fats, whole grains, and nutritious snacks play in a balanced diet, and ultimately in weight loss. Shoppers will learn, too, about why products labeled fat free or low fat may not always be the best choice.

Portion Control

Slowing down to savor the taste and texture of our food helps us feel full. When you’re explaining the importance of portion control, you’ll appreciate these “tricks” that can help people enjoy more, while eating less. We’ve added graphics that show portion sizes, too  – making this a perfect handout for shoppers to keep on hand. 


Bowl of Fruit in Kitchen

Did you know that a cluttered kitchen could encourage people to eat more? When kitchens are disorganized and filled with too many unhealthy food choices, it’s hard to stay focused on eating healthy. Inspired by Dr. Brian Wansink’s research, we’ve gathered tips on getting organized in the kitchen -  from the cupboard to freezer — so healthy foods are front and center and meals are easier to prepare and enjoy.

Bowl of oatmeal topped with berries and sliced banana

Eating a good breakfast can help keep weight loss goals on track. This resource discusses why eating breakfast is a good thing and shares ideas for quick, easy and healthy ideas for breakfast at home or on the go.

Sandwich and fruit in container

There’s nothing worse at the end of the day than hearing, “Mom, what’s for lunch tomorrow?” These tips will help take the stress out of planning the mid-day meal; included are menu ideas to help inspire five days of lunches.

Apple and Peanut Butter Snack

If snacks are chosen wisely and included in the overall daily calorie count, they can actually help people stay on course with their weight loss goals. We share strategies to incorporate healthy, tasty and convenient snacks into a healthy diet.

Social Media Resource
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These tweet ideas coordinate well with resources we’ve featured in this ONE Healthy Weight Loss Toolkit.