Our celebration of International Mediterranean Diet Month in 2014 was a lively success. 

Special initiatives for 2014 included:

  • Virtual Dinner Party To demonstrate that delicious and healthy Mediterranean-inspired meals can be enjoyed anywhere, Oldways invited people everywhere to post photos of themselves taking pleasure in a taste of the Mediterranean, at home or in restaurants, for a chance to win weekly prizes and one grand prize.

    5 in 50+“—a hand-picked list of at least 5 restaurants in each state (plus Washington, DC) that offer at least 1 of 5 different classic Mediterranean foods or dishes: couscous, falafel, grape leaves, pesto, or tapas.

    We also worked with HealthyDiningFinder.com to identify healthier options in casual dining restuarants. Check the Casual Dining list for specific dishes at each restaurant.

    Diners submitted photos of themselves via Twitter and Facebook, enjoying meals from Oldways’  5 in 50+ list, the Casual Dining list, at home, or at a Mediterranean restaurant of their choice, using the hashtag #MedMonth2014. Each photo was count as an entry for a weekly chance to win a copy of one of Amazon.com’s top selling Mediterranean Diet cookbooks, The Oldways 4-Week Mediterranean Diet Menu Plan, and qualified them for a chance to win the grand prize, an assortment of delectable Mediterranean foods from Mediterranean Foods Alliance members.

    If you operate a restaurant and would like to be included on our list and learn more about how you can celebrate Mediterranean Diet Month with your customers in 2015, email the Communications Manager or call 617-896-4880.
  • Resources for supermarket dietitians nationwide to help them bring messages about the Mediterranean Diet to their customers and help shoppers find healthy foods at retail.
     International Mediterranean Diet Month Toolkit
  • Social media promotions including give-aways of our popular The Oldways 4-Week Mediterranean Diet Menu Plan, tweets, and Facebook posts. Join us in making International Mediterranean Diet Month visible by tweeting with hashtag #MedMonth2014.
  • Outreach to traditional and social media channels to educate and inspire readers, viewers and listeners about the Mediterranean Diet. Please contact the Public Relations and Media Manager.

We work on this campaign 12 months of the year, so please get in touch with us any month to get more information on our resources, recipes, and educational materials; partners within the Mediterranean foods industry; or from our network of dietitians, scientists, and educators.

Click here to see our full list of free, downloadable resources or click here to visit the Store for affordable Mediterranean Diet resources for sale.